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Caravans and Motorhomes


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Being a webmaster of a very popular camping and caravanning website I will get asked many questions on a daily basis and there does always tend to be a recurring theme amongst most of them, namely what is the difference between X type of caravan and Y type of caravan. Well here I hope to explain all of this in some detail so that it will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

There are only really a few different types of caravans that are worthy of mention, mainly because the other type only generally make up no more than 0.1% of caravans, these being static caravans, touring caravans, motorhomes and park homes.

Static Caravans are generally between 20x8feet (length x width) and 38x14feet and on the whole are placed on a plot of a caravan park for the majority of their lives. Static caravans are not towable on public roads unless a support vehicle is behind the caravan and the roads are rated at over the weight of the caravan, as such they are generally transported on the back of lorries to and from locations. Static caravans are likely to have a lot of modern conveniences that you would expect from a modern home including double glazing, central heating and winter insulation.

Touring caravans are towable by average cars with a tow ball and can be towed to a caravan park where they will generally pay a nightly fee to hire a plot for the duration of their holiday. Touring caravans range from around 9x6feet (length x width) to 16x9feet, as they are towable they have much smaller footprints than static caravans and are made to be much lighter and compact. Due to the size and weight constraints tourers will have less conveniences than a static caravan but newer touring caravans are more and more commonly being manufactured with showers, fridge /freezers, central heating and air conditioning.

Motorhomes are normally roughly the same size of a touring caravan but with an engine, gearbox and all the things needed to drive itself from location to location. A motorhome is essentially a tourer and a car mixed into one neat little package, note that a motorhome in europe is vastly different to a motorhome in America (also know as an R. V or recreational vehicle) as they tend to be huge in comparison. A motorhome will range vastly in size depending on its application, some will be no larger than a regular touring caravan whereas others will be the size of a large bus.

Park Homes and Lodges are more similar to a static caravan than any other type mentioned before as they are comparable in size and the features that are available to them as standard though they will be moved around a lot less than a static caravan and generally will be of a higher spec, and also price. Things such as double glazing, air conditioning, central heating and other luxury features will be a lot more common as a standard feature in park homes and lodges. Park homes also have an advantage over static caravans in that they can increase their value over time making them more akin to a house than a caravan, despite the construction of them being more caravan like.

I am an avid caravanner and love nothing more than getting away for the weekend with my wife and kids. It is this love for caravanning and camping that drove me to create my free to use website where anyone can advertise their caravan park or caravans and motorhome for hire or sale. I hope you enjoy my article as I spent a lot of time writing it. My family business is also in caravan sales so if you are looking to buy a static caravan please visit thank you for taking the time to read my first article, I hope you will enjoy the ones I plan to publish in the future.


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