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Thinking of Renting a Timeshare – It Can Work Out Cheaper Than Hotels!

Carrie Westengate

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Personally, I may not think of renting a timeshare but sometimes, it can be more cost effective than purchasing one. It is especially useful if you are thinking of becoming a timeshare owner to try out the lifestyle before you commit. As this type of holiday has now become more popular again now a lot of the timeshare horror stories have been effectively dealt with, many new owners who are unable to use their ‘slot’ will often put up their timeshare for rent rather than waste it.

How does this work? Although units can be rented out by the owners, it is more typical (and possible safer) for the renter to go through the timeshare resort company who will deal with everything. If using brokers, just remember to check they are licensed and have a good reputation. Your other options are sites like or even Ebay where you must also take the necessary precautions.

An example of a timeshare rental system can be found with Disney, a name I’m sure everyone recognises. The Disney timeshare rentals system is based on points which can be traded for specific weeks and locations. The amount of points is dependent on the time of year and the resort as the most popular slots and locations require more points.

Looking at the finance of a timeshare for rent consider the following. If you were to go down a more traditional route and use a resort hotel, typically, you may pay out $200 a night. With a family, this will be more as you’ll need a family room or perhaps two separate rooms. So that’s a minimum of $1400 for the week for two people and probably double that for a family. If you were to go for the timeshare rental option, this is stuck between those two figures at around $150 per night for a 2 or 3 bed unit. While it is perhaps easy to see the logic for a couple to stay in a hotel room, if you want the space and other benefits you will get such as space and better furnishings. The not so obvious benefits from timeshare resorts include discounted air fares, car hire, golf fees and tickets to nearby attractions. You will certainly not feel left behind with the timeshare resort facilities and entertainment either!

So any tips? Check the layout of the resort and where you want to be in it – near the pool perhaps or in a quiet secluded area. Although many timeshare units will have a kitchen, not all do so if this is important to you make sure you check. Your own kitchen is really handy if you have children or are on a tighter budget. Take your time and don’t feel pressured into grabbing the first timeshare rental you find – there are plenty around now, so take your time. If you are going somewhere like Disney, it is a smart choice to get close enough to use public transport so you don’t need a car (often the resort will run a free or really cheap shuttle).

As with most things in life, there are good resorts and not so good, so it is important to fish around the internet and look for reviews. Always, always check the credentials of the company you are dealing with which is even more important if you are traveling from another country. Renting a timeshare does make sense in more ways than one when compared to hotels and it is always a good way to see whether it is worth you investing in becoming a timeshare owner yourself at any given resort whether this be at a Disney timeshare rental or somewhere else. Find more useful advice on buying and selling a timeshare at


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