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Mexico Timeshares - What to Consider If You're Thinking About Timeshares For Sale in Mexico


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So you've been thinking about buying a timeshare for sale in Mexico? There's a couple of things you need to know about timeshares in Mexico then before you go ahead and spend your money. So let's take a look at how Mexico timeshares work.

Right to Use Timeshares

Before you start shopping for your perfect Mexican timeshare you need to be aware of Mexican property law. Only Mexican citizens are allowed to own property in Mexico, so all of the timeshares in the country are set up as Right to Use timeshares. Now if you are a Mexican citizen, you should be able to buy a deeded timeshare, but since most timeshare buyers looking at Mexican properties are not from Mexico, I'll assume for now that you aren't as well, and therefore you will be looking at a Right to Use (RTU) timeshare.

What Right to Use means is that you do not own anything. It is more like buying a membership than real estate. For example, I own a Royal Holiday Club timeshare that is right to use (because they are based in Mexico) and my membership expires in 2024. So when the year 2025 arrives, I will no longer own my Royal Holiday Club membership and will stop paying maintenance fees and using my points. Basically, I will be done with it.

All Inclusive Resorts

Many timeshare resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean are what's known as all-inclusive resorts. Some are mandatory all-inclusive and some are voluntary. If you are looking at timeshares for sale in Mexico, I personally would avoid mandatory all-inclusive because this will add significantly to your vacation costs. You could be paying as much as $100 per day per guest on top of your annual maintenance fees for your vacation. This is no bargain.

If you are big spender and you love all-inclusive, by all means go for it, but I think most of us who are shopping for a good timeshare resale are looking for the most bang for the buck and I don't think all-inclusive represents that. I'd rather cook a few meals for myself and save some money so I can spend it on a few extra days vacation.

And finally, keep in mind that buying a timeshare is always going to be cheaper as a resale than if you buy from the developer, and in Mexico in particular, I strongly recommend against buying from the developer. If you do so though, you have 5 business days to change your mind. The cooling-off period is part of Mexican timeshare law, but you may have to press the issue if it comes down to it. So all in all, you'll have less hassle and less expense sticking to resale.

If you're looking for a good deal on Mexico timeshares resorts, you should take a look at Royal Holiday club timeshares . Based in Mexico, they have lots of resorts there, but they also have resorts all over the world so it's the best of both worlds.

Before you buy a timeshare from a developer, whether in Mexico or elsewhere, be sure to find out what your consumer rights are. Read my tips on the timeshare rescission period , also known as the cooling off period. This your main protection against predatory sales tactics.

Emma Martin currently owns Royal Holiday Club and Disney Vacation Club timeshares and always recommends buying resale.


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