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What Are the Disadvantages of Timeshare Ownership?


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While investing in a vacation property, you should always weigh the pros and cons of timeshares and its ownership. In Timeshare, you pay to stay in the home you share with other people and do not have any ownership of the property. You actually own a house with a number of other people-of a home or condominium, including the cost of the home, taxes and maintenance.

Timeshares are very popular today, despite the soaring costs associated with owning one, timeshares have become very popular. But think carefully before signing out a check. If you do not have the money from your own sources, you will have to borrow it and pay interest. No doubt you will have a wide range of destinations to choose from. But how many resorts would interest you? The offer probably would not include overseas resorts. There are usually a few hidden charges like maintenance fee that could be quite substantial. What would happen if your resort and their associates sever their association or they go bankrupt?

Timeshare resorts offer sounds fantastic. But there are a few gray areas that you should be careful about. These are the inability to go more than once a year, problems while swapping that usually attracts a high charge. You would not be allowed to oblige your friends and relatives and send them away on holiday for a week because you yourself would be blocked from going in the same year.

Timeshare ownership is an investment for holidaying in an exotic location. But purchasers would be disappointed if they buy a timeshare strictly for its appreciating property value. The resale market for timeshares seldom appreciates as fast as other properties.

You would be required to pay the yearly maintenance charges which, whether you use it or not, tends to get an incremental increase. It usually requires elaborate advanced planning for spending a comfortable holiday at a timeshare vacation location. The timeshare owner has to interact with exchange companies and deal with costs.

There is almost always an up-front expense that the owner has to incur when purchasing a timeshare property. Most banks and mortgage brokers are not willing to mortgage timeshares. You will therefore have to ensure that you have the entire amount ready at the time of purchase. In most cases your holiday is restricted to certain weeks of the year that is unlikely to be according to your preference. You may explore the possibility of exchanging with other owners but it may not materialize. Most people do not like to spend their vacation at the same location every year. The absence of variety makes some people shun the lure of owning timeshare owners.


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