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Timeshare Are They Valve For Money?

Graeme Pearce

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Personally I think Time-shares are great, We own one in Taupo, New Zealand. As we own a floating week that we pay maintenance on, it forces us to have a holiday, a real holiday, a full week of R and R, that's why I love it.

Apart from the fact Taupo is half way between the folks and us, so it's a great place to meet for a family holiday.

We have even used our floating week to exchange for weeks in Australia a number of times. The week in Australia becomes our base to go off and explorer the area we are staying then come home each night to a 5 star resort for less than $100 a night.

But do not buy a new time-share, We paid NZ$16000 for a floating week in Australia, at a presentation where you get all the free gifts. Came home and had a look on the Internet to compare prices and found we could buy better for NZ$5000 or less second hand. I took the NZ$16000 package back the next day for a refund and found the promoter trying to pack up and move out of the office real fast. He was not happy I caught up with him and got my money back.
So if you are looking to buy a Time-share go to the presentation to learn what's it's all about DO NOT SIGN UP but go home and find a better place second hand. There are some bargains out there.

Now the good wife wanted to own a second week at a time-share but I did not wish to pay two weeks of maintenance a year, It adds up.

That's when I found a great system where you pay US$3000 for a life time membership to a 5 star Resort Club and they list all the resorts world wide that you can stay at for about what you would pay in annual maintenance fees at a normal Time-share.

You have to pay a small annual membership fee a second party, as you can not sign up to the 5 star Resort Club directly, A bit like the promoter of the time-share, he gets his cut.

The bonus is you too can get a cut from anyone that you sign up to the 5 star Resort Club.
A US$1000 bonus. When you sign up a $1000 goes to the person that signed you up (Me) a $1000 goes to their up line and a $1000 goes to the 5 Star Resort Club. It would be nice to just pay the $1000 straight to the 5 Star Resort Club. But it's the up lines that do all the promoting of the 5 Star Resort Club. So it's their sales commission.

If you just sell one membership a year you do not have to pay the small annual fee (this may have changed by the time you read this)

For access to the 5 Star Resort page.
Email me for the password


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