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Sell Your Timeshare Now - I'll Tell You Why

Jason Williamson

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Let me start by saying I own Timeshare. Mine is on the market. If you're interested, give me a call! But seriously, I'm going to tell you why you should sell your timeshare and look at your vacations in a whole new light.

I fell for Timeshare about 5 years ago, hook, line and sinker. My wife and I were young professionals, making good money and we decided that we would always want to take a nice vacation once a year. It's nice to go to the Luxury Resorts in Exotic and Exciting Places and lose yourself for a few days. Very rejuvenating.

Recently I've discovered a newly available product that, in my opinion, blows Timeshare away. Before I get into that, let me list the Pros and Cons of timeshare.


  • You stay at 4 and 5 Star Luxury Resorts
  • You can trade to go almost anywhere in the world
  • Simply Owning it ensures you will take a vacation, which is a good thing.


  • Huge Up Front Costs
  • Yearly Maintenance and Other Fees
  • Can be Very Difficult to Trade for the Destination and Time of Year You Want to Travel
  • You can only travel as many weeks per year as you purchase.
  • Hard to take a trip On a Whim. Generally requires at least a couple months notice

We see that Timeshare looks great up front and sounds completely worth the Investment when you're in the presentation. But is it really Worth the Money? You are investing anywhere from $6,000-$20,000 Per Week of Vacation Time, plus you are hit up for hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars in Maintenance fees every year. Timeshare probably does save you money on vacations if you own it for 20 years to life, but what if there was something better?

I've found a company called Global Resorts Network that offers a Luxury Travel Membership. This membership offers all the Features of Timeshare with none of the negative baggage. In fact, the only benefit timeshare holds over the Membership that I can see is that with timeshare you get some tax deductions.

Here is what the GRN Luxury Travel Membership offers:

  • At least 2-3 times Less Expensive than 1 Week of Timeshare
  • No yearly Maintenance Fees
  • Travel When and Where You Want: No Blackout Dates
  • Travel On Short Notice, Only 6 days prior notice required
  • Vacation as many weeks each year as you want. No limit.
  • Stay in 4 and 5 Star Luxury Resorts
  • Access to Over 5,000 Luxury Resorts Worldwide

Here's how it works. You buy a Platinum Membership from Global Resorts Network. When you want to book a vacation, you log in to the membership site to browse the resorts, then book your dates and accommodations right on the site. They have an Excellent Support Staff to help you and they can even help you with Discounted Flights, Rental Cars and just about anything else you can think of. You also get Huge Discounts if you want to take a Cruise.

What's the catch? The only catch is that you pay for each week of travel when you book it. For timeshare, you pay an exchange fee when you book your travel, usually about $100. The GRN Membership gets you Wholesale Pricing for the Timeshare Resorts. Prices start at $298 for the entire week (8 Days, 7 Nights) and range up to $799 for the Entire Week at the most sought after and exclusive resorts. You will never pay more than $799 for a Week at one of these resorts.

I think for the Lower up front costs as well as the Freedom and Flexibility the Luxury Travel Membership offers, it is a very Favorable Alternative to Timeshare.

I am an Independent Representative for Global Resorts Network. For More Information on this Travel Membership, please visit

There is also a Business Opportunity that comes with the Membership. If you are interested in learning more about that, please contact me through the website. If not, please take some time to review the Travel Membership and let me know if you have any questions. Make it a Beautiful Day!

Jason Williamson


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