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Packing it in For a Breckenridge Vacation


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Packing for vacation is certainly not everyone's favorite thing to do. While the anticipation of the trip is quickly building and your mind is racing with the excitement of the fun in store, figuring out what to bring can not only be confusing, but can become stressful. Mix in an unfamiliar climate and weather that is constantly changing and you've got your work set out for you. This is certainly the case in Breckenridge, Colorado. Still, there are definitely a few tricks to packing just the right clothes to ensure you won't have to buy a whole new wardrobe once you arrive. Knowing the seasons is your first step to smart packing for your Breckenridge vacation.

  • Summer: While Breckenridge is famous for its snow-packed mountains and glistening, white-lined winter streets, summer is a perfect time to plan a vacation as well. Blue skies and plenty of sunshine are sure to come your way in Breckenridge, mixed with the dry climate of the Rocky Mountains. With daytime temperatures averaging around 70 degrees, visitors enjoy calm sunny days that are mild enough to enjoy the outdoors without running for the nearest A/C. And, just when the weather seems to border on hot, evening averages around 50 roll in to cool things down for relaxing evenings. So, how should you pack for a summer vacation in Breckenridge? Think in layers. You'll want shorts and t-shirts, but long-sleeved shirts and pants will come in handy too. A jacket won't hurt and neither will a couple pairs of shoes (make one a pair of flip-flops). While Breckenridge generally stays dry, a light rain jacket is never a bad idea in any mountain town. Still, the sun normally reigns supreme, so you'll want to gear up with sun screen and other forms of protection, such as hats and sun glasses.

  • Winter: The average temperature during the winter months in Breckenridge is 28 degrees. At just above freezing, you'll want to be sure to pack warm clothes to keep you dry and warm. If you're visiting Breckenridge in the winter, you're likely participating in some form of winter sport, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even ice skating. Consider clothes made of material other than 100% cotton. As you sweat, cotton garments will get wet and will dry slower than other materials. Wet clothes are not only dangerous to your body temperature, but will make you feel colder as well. Again, think in terms of layers. As you're out and about in the mid-day sun, you might want to strip the heavy coat, but you'll certainly put it right back on once the sun sets. A couple layers of shirts and even long underwear will certainly make it out of your suitcase with pleasure as well. Also be sure to keep your extremities warm. Hats, gloves, scarves, and wool socks are good choices.

  • Fall and Spring: While summer and winter are certainly the more popular times to visit, Breckenridge is an all-year town. Fall brings the beauty of golden aspen trees and spring is welcomed by a colorful display of wildflowers. These seasons are just a bit less predictable, so even the latest weather forecast can easily be proven wrong. Snow storms can come as easily in the fall as they do in the spring, so always be prepared with snow gear as well as spring sandals!

As the old saying goes, if you don't like the weather in Colorado, just wait ten minutes and it will change. Still, you can rest assured that you're likely to see blue skies and sunshine on just about any visit to Breckenridge. With just the smallest bit of preparation while packing, you're well on your way to a fabulous getaway to one of Colorado's premier vacation spots.

Chris Cook lives in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado and loves sharing her expertise on mountain safety and fun with visitors. If you're planning a trip to Summit County, make sure to book your Breckenridge lodging before you leave, and check out all of Chris's advice on the area in her other articles!


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