Stay Healthy During Your Trip - How? Part-1


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Sometimes a simple thing such as taking time off before your planned vacation to chalk out the possible health hazards and remedies could save you a lot of trouble. Here are a few risks you must add to your check list. . .

What about the water?

Though the water in most places is potable, its best to stick to bottled water for drinking . There are many places that are endemic to water borne diseases like diarrhea. And you might want to avoid that.


In the tropics, the desert or at high altitudes you can get sunburn pretty quickly, even through cloud cover. Use a sunscreen, a hat and barrier cream for your nose and lips. Protect your eyes with good quality sunglasses, particularly if you will be near the sand, sun or snow.

Prickly Heat:

Prickly heat is an itchy rash caused by excessive perspiration trapped under the skin. It usually strikes people who have just arrived in a hot climate. Keeping cool but bathing often, using a mild talcum powder or even resorting to air-conditioning may help until you acclimatise.

Heat Exhaustion

Dehydration and salt deficiency can cause heat exhaustion. Take time to acclimatise to high temperatures and make sure you get sufficient liquids. Wear loose clothing and a broad-brimmed hat. Do not do anything too physically demanding.

Heat Stroke-

This serious, sometimes fatal, condition can occur if the body's heat-regulating mechanism breaks down and the body temperature rises to dangerous levels. Long, continuous periods of exposure to high temperatures can leave you vulnerable to heat stroke.

Random Tip - What if you havn't packed your exercise clothes, or forgot to check out the fitness facilities. Or what if its raining? Here are some tricks you can do withing your hotel:

Take the stairs instead of the lift. And use the stairs for a small steps session.

Use the telephone directory or water bottles as weights.

Chairs, doorways and bed frames can help you with push-ups, sit-ups, squats and tricep dips.

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