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If you love adventure and exploring interesting places then hiking is just the right activity for you. Hiking is a recreational activity where you walk to reach different beautiful places overland. It usually takes place on trails in rural or wilderness areas. It is regarded as the best way to see nature.

Hiking like any other outdoor activity does require some degree of physical ability and knowledge. You should have a backpack to carry food, water and essential equipment. You should carry everything essential incase you get caught in inclement weather or suffer mishaps.

The main thing every hiker looks for is the right and interesting environment to hike. But unfortunately most of these environments are fragile and unknowingly these hikers may destroy this environment. Like for example when you go there you may collect woods from an area for fire then when the next batch of hikers comes they would do the same. This way, years of gathering wood can strip the area of its valuable nutrients. But some areas do have regulations to protect the area such as forbidding wood fires, restricting camping to established camp sites, disposing or packing out fecal matter, imposing a quota on the number of hikers per day.

These are the essential things you need while going hiking:

Water: Always carry enough water to survive the journey otherwise your muscles and organs would not be able to perform well. Moreover you'll be susceptible to hypothermia and altitude sickness.

Extra Food: You should always carry extra food as you never know incase of bad weather you may not be able to resume your journey and may have to be in your camp longer than you had expected. So always be ready and prepared.

Map: To know where you are and how far to go to reach your destination you need a map. In case of an eventuality it can help you find campsites, water, and an emergency exit route.

Compass: Incase you get lost or lose your direction a compass can help you find your way

Sun screen and sun glasses: Scorching sun and the snow can really damage and burn your skin, so you need to carry good SPF sunscreen and sunglasses to prevent snow blindness.

Rain Gear and extra clothing: As one can never predict the weather so always carry a rain gear and also some extra clothes to change. Avoid cotton and carry a hat.

Fire starter: A hot drink and the warmth of a fire can always put you in track and prevent hypothermia. So a fire starter like a lighter or match box is very essential.

Multi-purpose tool: This can be very helpful to remove splinters, open tins and cans, cut bandages, and to fix up any broken thing.

Flashlight: Very useful for finding your way in the dark and signaling for help.

First aid kit: Many hiking organizations do offer basic first aid class, make sure you attend that and always carry a first aid kit.

Hiking is not only about exploring nature but also to connect with nature. You can feel one with the amazing plants and wildlife, making you forget about the bustling life you lead back in the city. It could be an experience you share with others or something that you do all alone. Some people enjoy it as they say it is a great way to rejuvenate your soul and body. And the best thing about hiking is that you do not require any high tech equipment like other sport. You just need some basic clothing, hiking boots, backpack and you are ready to go.

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