Navigating on the Mountain, in Water, or in Woods there is an eTrex Unit For You


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Truly a small wonder, the eTrex takes the best features of a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver and put them into a six ounce package that is only four inches high and two inches wide. The result is a unit that will literally fit in the palm of your hand.

Besides its small size, mariners and outdoorsmen will likely notice the sleek design of the eTrex.

All buttons are located on either side of the unit, allowing for simple, one-handed operation that won't obstruct your view of the display. In fact, the eTrex features only five operator buttons for the ultimate in user-friendly design.

Inside the eTrex, you will find the proven performance of a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver that will run for 18 hours on just two AA batteries.

No need to worry about dense tree canopy with this unit, the eTrex will continue to maintain a tight satellite lock even while operating in forest-like conditions. The eTrex will store up to 500 user waypoints with graphic icons and boasts Garmin's exclusive TracBack® feature that will reverse your track log and help you navigate your way back home. In addition, the eTrex uses animated graphics that will help you identify your marked waypoints quickly and easily.

The Garmin eTrex family consists of six members - the eTrex, eTrex Camo, eTrex Summit, eTrex Legend, eTrex Venture and eTrex Vista.

The family retain the same basic features one of the best-selling handheld GPS systems on the market, and has adapted them to add some unique features to make each of them the perfect tool for their intended users.

NS Kennedy is a keen outdoor sportsman - particularly hunting and fishing - and loves to find out about new gadgets and gizmos that he can use. He started his Garmin GPS Navigation Reviews site to share his tips and findings with other sportsmen.


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