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Alaska fishing and lodging is an amazing experience. First, you will enter the environment and be amazed at the beauty that it has to offer. Then, as you breathe, you will find that wonderful, crisp, fresh scent of the air surrounding you. When you walk into your lodge, you will be nothing short of amazed at the beauty, the natural qualities and the wonder that you have encountered. Of course, none of this can hold anything to the fly fishing you’ll be doing in these areas.

Alaska is known for its high quality fishing. From the largest salmon in the world, the King Salmon, to the trout, the pike, the herring, sturgeon and many more, you will be in fish heaven to say the least. Here are some tips for when you are looking for your Alaska fishing and lodging travel destinations.

  • Check out the Lower Cook Inlet. Here, you will find a wide range of salmon. You’ll also find trout located here.

  • In Bristol Bay and Cooper River, you will find some of the best salmon located.

  • Southeast Alaska is where the salmon go to spawn. The winters are warmer here which makes it the ideal location to fish.

  • Looking for trout, pike, burbot, or char? Look towards the arctic regions as well as the Western areas.

    Where Will You Stay?

    For many, the best kept secret about Alaska are the lodges. You will find a wide range of them available all year round. You can be smart and plan in advance through the web making reservations at your favorite locations. This is wise during the spring and the summer seasons when thousands of anxious anglers come to hunt the King Salmon. But, you will also find a wide range of other options too. For example, many like the remote locations where they can set up camps and really experience what Alaska has to offer. You’ll find a wide range of areas to camp as well. Not to worry, if you don’t make your reservations in time, just call up and find a location that has a room available to you as there are often plenty left for late coming visitors.

    Get On The Tour

    One of the largest benefits of all of this tourist attracting salmon is that you can often find some excellent guided tours. Here you will be able to find the most amazing quality fish so it makes sense that you take a tour of the local area to find the very best hot spots to fish. Guides will take you to the most perfect of locations so that you can enjoy the best fishing trip of your life. Some will even teach you the art of fly fishing.

    Regardless of where you stay or what you do, you will find it nothing short of amazing to journey to Alaska for some of the most beautiful landscapes, the largest fish (did you know that 50 pound salmon are caught here?) as well as the friendliest people you have ever met. Make your next trip an Alaska fishing and lodging vacation.

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