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Personal Water Misters Help Keep You Cool


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You want to go the game, but the temperature is in the triple digits, so what do you do? In the past, you had two choices, you could stay home and miss the game, or you could go to the game and suffer heat exhaustion.

Well, that has changed. Now, for a small cost, you can buy a personal water misting system that will keep you cool and comfortable. Several different models of personal misters are available.

It depends on which manufacturer you buy your system from as to how effective it will be. Some systems are pretty bulky, and have a spray nozzle that soaks you to the skin. When the water evaporates, your body temperature is cooled down. If you do not mind getting wet, this is not a bad system. The disadvantages are it is heavy and gets you soaking wet.

A better system has a small nozzle that sprays a finer mist. Much of this micro mist will evaporate before it hits your skin, which reduces the ambient air temperature. You get cool without getting soaked.

Some of the systems come with small fans attached that will blow a breeze along with a cooling mist. Some of these are too large to take to the game as a fan, but you will see several of them set up on the sidelines for the players. But thanks to new technologies, you can get small portable systems that will blow a breeze along with a mist. You and your friends can stay cool during the game. In fact, you may develop a lot of new friends at the game when you switch your personal cooling system on.

There is a lot of different variety and a multitude of choices when it comes to personal water misting systems. It is pretty easy to find a good mister that will not bankrupt you, with prices from the low twenty dollar range to around one hundred dollars.

As with all things, it pays to research which system is best for your wants and needs. But the good news is, if you buy one that really does work as well as you want, you can try another one for just a small investment.

Personal water misters are a great way to cool down at the ball game. At you can learn which water misters works best.


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