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What to see when you travel to Egypt

Nuria Jay

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Egypt is a fascinating place to visit, looking at future modern Egypt, we cannot ignore its glorious past. Ancient Egyptians have built a civilization along the banks of the Nile River that captured the imagination of the whole world for thousands of years.

The mix of ancient monuments, modern attraction, oriental culture, natural beauty and Egyptian hospitality make Egypt a popular tourist destination and make Egypt tours packages and holidays on top of travel suppliers holiday lists.

Top things you should do during your holiday to Egypt?

1. Pyramids Tour (Wonder of the World): When you travel to Egypt you cannot miss visiting the Pyramids of Giza and their guarding Sphinx which are the only surviving wonders of ancient world. Standing in front of this massive stone building makes you wonder about those ancient Egyptians and their civilization and how by very primitive tools they managed to transfer these huge stones till the very top. Going down the Pyramids plateau you will find the Sphinx which adds to the beauty of the scene. During your pyramids tour don’t forget to go for a horse or camel ride to enrich your experience.

2. Marvel Mask of Tutankhamun The Egyptian Museum located in down town Cairo is the second most important thing you should consider for your vacation to Egypt. The Museum hosts a great number of artifacts that are displayed in chronological order. The tour to the Egyptian Museum might take you two days to finish unraveling all the displayed items. Tutankhamun funeral mask amongst the other treasures that were unearthed by Heward Catrer from Tutankhamun treasures are the highlights of the museum. Tutankhamun treasures

3. Stroll along Khan El Khalili Bazaar If you want to enrich your experience during your holiday to Egypt, you should pay a visit to Khan El Khalili Bazaar in Cairo. The Bazaar offers a unique experience to explore the real Cairo with many shops displaying trinkets, spices, jewelery, brass and copper utensils, wooden items, clothes. The glittering of the displayed items and the walking through the winding streets recalls the scenes of Aladdin in “One thousand and One Nights” tales.

4. Drift peacefully along the Nile River on a Nile Cruise The Nile cruise experience is one of the best ways to explore all the monuments scattered along the banks of the River in South Egypt. You will see the splendor of the ancient Egyptian history presented in the many temples and tombs lying along the River Nile. Amongst them are the Karnak and Luxor temples, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Valley of Kings and Queens, Edu and Kom Ombo temples, Philae temple in Aswan, as well as modern attractions as the high Dam. The Nile Cruise provides entertainment and folkloric shows for the passengers onboard which adds to their enjoyment of their trip.

5. Abu Simbel Temple Abu Simbel is one of the most spectacular temples in Egypt located in southern Egypt, it was built to be the first sight for those traveling from Nubia and make them aware that they are now under the rule of the Pharaoh. The temple was relocated after the building of the High Dam, and its relocation is considered a miracle in itself. One of the amazing aspects of Abu Simbel temple is the Sun festival where the sun shines on the face of the Pharaoh in a deep chamber inside the temple only twice a year, one time during his birthday and the other during his coronation.

6. Felucca Ride Drifting along the Nile River with the traditional felucca is an unmatched experience. In many cities you can make this trip. The best felucca ride would be in Aswan where you will sail to the water falls and see the amazing sights of the desert at the banks of the Nile River.

7. Relax by the Sea A holiday to Egypt does not only entail visiting all the monuments and sightseeing which the country is filled with, the long beaches of Egypt along the Red Sea makes it the best place to relax and party. The red sea is considered divers paradise, as its underwater is rich of colorful reefs and many kind of fish. For those who cannot dive they can go for snorkeling and relaxation, or explore the Bedouin life in the deserts.

8. Eat oriental food When visiting any country in the world you should sample its ethnic food. The most famous Egyptian food is the Molokhyia and Khoshary. Molokhyia is a green plant the is dipped in broth and you add to it fried garlic. Koshary is a blend of macaroni, rice, black lentils, chickpeas and fried garlic, you add to it tomato sauce. Many famous restaurants offer Egyptian food like Abu El Sid, and Koshary Abu Tarek.

9. Balloon Ride In Luxor West bank you can enjoy the balloon ride over the monuments and temples and watch the sunrise. During your flight you will see the farms and you might have the opportunity of watching the Egyptian farmers riding their donkeys to start their day work early at the morning. The view of Hatshepsut temple engulfed by the mountains is spectacular from a balloon ride.

10. Sound and light Show In the evening why not go to a sound and light show where you will see the lazer show and a narration of the story of ancient Egypt. The show is provided at the Pyramids of Giza, in Karnak temple in Luxor and in Philae temple in Aswan.

There are plenty of things to see and do during your Egypt vacation if you would like to maximize your experience you can consult Deluxe Travel Egypt which will offer your great ideas and help plan with you your holiday that matches your needs and budget.

Spend your Egypt holidays with one of the tour packages offered by Deluxe Travel and offering various other travel agency in Egypt to enjoy days with friends or family.


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