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Cruising For the First Time? You Will Need This

Ernesto Recaman

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Making important decisions is always a great part of your life. Making the right ones can take you far in life. Making the wrong ones, teaches you a valuable lesson. Some people that make the decision to cruise for the first time, normally have little experience in vacationing and travel, so they tend to make little mistakes. If you are among the group of persons that have decided to take a cruise for the first time, here are some pointers that can help you minimize some common mistakes made by first-time travelers.

The very first thing you need, is to figure out where will you be going and how long will you want to stay. Nowadays, picking a destination is harder than one might expect at first glance. So many destinations with so many beautiful sights are available all over the world. If you want to explore the Caribbean, there are so many great places you can visit, such as San Juan, Puerto Rico, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Saint John and Saint Thomas, and many other tropical spots. Perhaps, you're more into Europe and want to visit Paris, London, Spain, Italy and many other Old World wonders. Also, the time you want to spend there while cruising, should help you determine the place you want to go. Be it a week or two, the space of time can help you savor all the sights and cultures of the places you want to visit.

When cruising, determining the kind of accommodations you want is the very next big step for you. Ship accommodations are as varied as cars. Different ships have different kinds of room space. Maybe you want a room with balcony, maybe you want a ship with casinos and onboard shopping malls. It all depends on the way you want to spend your trip. Many cruise ships come with many kinds of entertainment, including concerts, gambling, dance lessons. If you can think of it, it already exists. Also, you might want to consider if you want the cruise line to arrange other methods of transportation (once you're reached a port), the kind of meals you want (if you have a diet, this will help you out a lot), how much to tip (which is customary), etc.

Then there is the matter of documentation. If you've decided to cruise outside of the USA, you will need passports. Also, make sure you check the regulations of the country you want to go, so you can be prepared and ready with the documents they might require. You might want to check your baggage and make sure your clothing is appropriate to the country you're visiting. It would be kind of ridiculous to take t-shirts and shorts if you're going to a cold weather location like London, Argentina or Canada.

If you've already decided on the big things, let me recommend to you the best way to cruise. With it's 21 years of experience, Globarl Resorts Network is your best bet to get all you want in your first time cruise. Global Resorts Network not only offers the best value in luxury resorts around the world, but we also offer the best prices on standard and luxury cruises around the world! Whatever you're looking for, chances are we have it. From the sunny Caribbean, to the islands of Hawaii, from the intricate canals of Venice, to exploring the temples of Japan and the monuments of Beijing. We have a cruise for you!

I, Ernesto Recaman, am retired pilot that worked for the Colombia Air Force and a lumber shipping line in my country. With a rich history and lots of traveling experience, I want to pass on my experiences to you and help you decide on your options. Feel free to contact me, or visit my web page below for more information.

Ernesto Recaman

Toll Free Phone: 1 866 651 4318


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