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Articles about or concerning Beginner Cruises, First Time Cruises, Tips and Advice.
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Galapagos Islands a First Time Cruise

 Brandyn Garske (October 28, 2011)  Off the gorgeous coast of Ecuador is a group of islands called The Galapagos Islands. As the climate is subtropical, a person could visit anytime of the year. Especially for a wonderful winter getaway. What better way to do this is by going on a Galapagos Island cruise. Have the luxury of both worlds on and off the cruise ship. With Galapagos Cruises, it will be a person's hotel for .. (First Time Cruising)

Cheap New York Giants tickets available at Craigslist Tickets

 Kapil Garg (December 07, 2010)  Are you tired of standing in the long queues to avail the tickets of your favorite sports event New York Giants? If you had been trying to acquire the tickets of this great play, then its time to relax! Craigslist Tickets is making available all the cheap New York Giants tickets for you. See your most wanted New York Giants in action this season. You can obtain the tickets for New York .. (First Time Cruising)

Travel destinations in US-the apple of your eye!

 Kapil Garg (December 07, 2010)  US is a country that doesn’t need an explanation. It is a dream destination for most of the people. US have a huge tourism industry and beautiful destinations to cater a feast for millions. Distinguished art collections, theme-parks, thundering waterfalls, national parks, nightlife, restaurants, scenic beauty, malls, memorial parks, historic location-you name it and America has .. (First Time Cruising)

A Visit to Mexico: A Mini Guide to Make Your Voyage Safe and Comfortable

 Sweta Shah (May 25, 2009)  Traveling to some exotic and distant places can be a great and mesmerizing experience but it can equally be a strange and unpredicted experience because of your unfamiliarity with those places. And this is also true if you wish for making your trip to Mexico to enjoy some of the beauties such as Rocky Point Mexico, and some beautiful beaches just as Las Conchas and Playa Hermosa and .. (First Time Cruising)

Benidorm is an Example of Sunny Spain

 Kurt A. Schefken (December 15, 2008)  "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. " But it doesn't fall in Benidorm on Spain's Costa Blanca. Wouldn't you love to have guaranteed good weather on your next vacation? Then you would do well to visit Benidorm. This beautiful city gets an average of 355 days of sunshine each year. Benidorm is fortunate to be protected by the Sierra Helada (Cold Mountains) and the Puig Campana . (First Time Cruising)

Holiday Planning - Packing For a Cruise

 Kurt A. Schefken (December 13, 2008)  So you've booked your cruise and ready to set sail for a dream vacation. Holiday preparation for your trip is important and while forgetting an item of clothing or your favorite book will not be the end of the world it can be frustrating. Here are some things to remember when preparing for your cruise. First off, don't start packing too early no matter how excited you are. You might .. (First Time Cruising)

Short Breaks in the Capital - Choosing a Hotel in London

 Graham Baylis Jr (August 28, 2008)  The rising cost of air travel has put UK city breaks firmly back in fashion, and with a multitude of crowd-pleasing attractions and affordable travel links to the rest of the country, there's never been a better time to take a short break in the country's capital. Its spectacular West End productions, historic buildings, grand palaces, spellbinding museums and pioneering art galleries .. (First Time Cruising)

Cruising For the First Time? You Will Need This

 Ernesto Recaman (August 19, 2008)  Making important decisions is always a great part of your life. Making the right ones can take you far in life. Making the wrong ones, teaches you a valuable lesson. Some people that make the decision to cruise for the first time, normally have little experience in vacationing and travel, so they tend to make little mistakes. If you are among the group of persons that have decided to .. (First Time Cruising)

Cruising Help For First Time Cruisers - What to Eat on a Cruise and Not Gain Weight

 Robert Deveau (July 17, 2008)  When you are on a cruise, your main goal is to leave all your cares at home. The stress of the house payments, the cooking and cleaning, even the diet can be left at the airport for a fun-filled, care-free week in the Caribbean. But should that be the case? The additional saturated fat and trans fat that you consume will follow you home and still clog your arteries the same as if you .. (First Time Cruising)

How to Plan the Perfect Cruise - 6 Secrets For Making Your First Cruise Exceptional

 Steve Schulman (July 10, 2008)  Want to take a cruise? You're in for something special. But in order to get the very most out of it you'll want to prepare as much as possible before you leave the pier. That way, when you come aboard, you can forget all your cares and woes and just have the time of your life. Where do you want to go? The first thing to consider is where you want to go. There are so many fantastic and .. (First Time Cruising)

Its My First Cruise What Cruise Ship Activities Can I Expect?

 Steve Schulman (July 06, 2008)  Maybe you're going to book your first cruise and you're wondering what cruise ship activities there are to look forward to. Each cruise is different and there'll be different cruise activities onboard. It depends on both the cruise line you book with and the ship you'll be voyaging on. The easiest way to check is to either get directly in touch with the cruise line or take a look at .. (First Time Cruising)

Family Cruises 4 Tips For Fantastic Family Cruises

 Steve Schulman (June 30, 2008)  Although there are all sorts of different kinds of cruises you can go on family cruises are by far the most favorite. What can be better than bringing all the kids with you on an adventure of a lifetime? Not only are there are so many different and exciting places all over the world to visit - it's one of those relatively inexpensive family vacation ideas. All inclusive family .. (First Time Cruising)

Sixteen Tips That Will Help You Be Prepared For Your First Cruise

 Gail M. Davis (April 08, 2008)  So, you're getting ready to take your first cruise? How exciting! You've surely read through all the information that your travel agent provided, and you've probably read everything you could find on the ship's website, and if you had time, you probably even checked out comments from previous travelers, right? That's a great start! Here are additional tips that will help your whole .. (First Time Cruising)

Caribbean Cruises : Selecting a Caribbean Cruise that Suits You

 Ray Lam (March 26, 2008)  Often considered the vacation of choice for a certain age group, the demand for Caribbean cruises is increasing; this has got to be the easiest way to see a variety of Caribbean islands in a short space of time. It should be on everyone's list of vacations with tropical Caribbean islands, clear, clean beaches and of course a fun filled time on board the cruise liner. Some people only .. (First Time Cruising)

A Hawaii Cruise - Perfect for the First Time Hawaii Vacationer!

 Aloha Scott (February 26, 2008)  If you've never been to Hawaii and are thinking about taking your next vacation there, a cruise may be just the ticket to your vacationing paradise. In fact, even if you've already been to the Islands, you might still find that cruising is the way to go. There are many reasons why cruising is the choice for many vacationers, and should be your first choice, especially if this is your .. (First Time Cruising)

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