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Articles about or concerning Travel Destinations and Advice.
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Things To Do In Yangshuo, Guilin

 Mandy Lee (March 14, 2008)  West Street, Yangshuo, a good place to take a break West Street is the center and heart of Yangshuo town, known throughout China as the"Foreign Street" and"global town". It is indeed blend of eastern and western culture. Most travelers stay on this street for its comfortable accommodations. There are a lot of hostels, guesthouses to choose from. And many restaurants serve both western .. (Destination Tips)

France - Life-Long Love

 Vasilisa Krolikova (March 14, 2008)  The acquaintance with France begins, of course, in Paris. All the most Europe-shocking innovations took place there, all the creative ambitions of the geniuses were realized in the French capital. If all roads lead to Rome then all dreams lead to Paris. Paris. . . a dream come true. Fantasy of the best architectures became reality in numerous architectural masterpieces, fantasy of the .. (Destination Tips)

Mazarron - A Taste Of Spain

 Pete Harrison (March 14, 2008)  The chances are if you haven't heard of Murcia then you won't have heard of Mazarrón. Its one of those places you stumble upon when you decide to go off the beaten track and believe me you won't be disappointed for having done so. Nestled between the Sierra de la Muela hills of Cartagena to the north and the Cabo Cope and Calnegre to the south, Mazarrón is the way Spain must have .. (Destination Tips)

Go On Holiday in Jamaica

 Alfie James (March 13, 2008)  Anyone who has been on a holiday to Jamaica will be able to tell you that the place is simply a funtastic place to be. The place has something to offer to every traveler. Families enjoy a holiday in Jamaica on the sun stunning beaches with crystal clear water and adventurous water sports that keep you busy for hours. The up market and luxurious Jamaica hotels ensure a relaxing vacation . (Destination Tips)

Holiday in Jamaica - What All You Can See, Do and Enjoy

 Alfie James (March 13, 2008)  With a plethora of options to take delight from, Jamaica attracts a wide variety of holidaymakers. Those who are on family holiday in Jamaica can enjoy the beautiful beaches; single sports lover can take advantage of first-class golf courses while divers and watersport enthusiasts have superb coral reefs and excellent weather conditions to engage themselves. If you are lucky enough to .. (Destination Tips)

Caribbean Holidays - An Experience to Cherish for Life

 Alfie James (March 13, 2008)  The need of going on holidays simply cannot be ruled out. Particularly in today's times. Pressure of life is immense in modern times and one need breaks from killing itinerary to rejuvenate the tired body and soul. Talking about holidays, one holiday destination that is immensely in demand is Caribbean islands. Those mesmerizing and enchanting locales which welcome the tourists with .. (Destination Tips)

Barbados Holidays - An Experience to Cherish

 Alfie James (March 13, 2008)  The need of going on vacations perhaps was never as strongly felt as is the case in today's times. Growing work pressure has ensured that people suffer from bouts of fatigue. No wonder cases of burn out have reached an all time high in today's times. The only remedy for such a problem is taking breaks from time to time to rejuvenate the tired body and mind. A holiday like this can .. (Destination Tips)

Seeking Out Top Honeymoon Destinations

 Thomas Martinez (March 13, 2008)  Just as every couple is different, each couple has different ideas of what makes up their list of top honeymoon destinations. The honeymoon is a tradition that can lead to some beautiful memories for a newly married couple, but before those memories can be made, you of course must decide where to go. If you find yourself lost for ideas for where to go on your honeymoon, the best idea .. (Destination Tips)

New Zealand - Great For A Sailing Charter

 D. Browall (March 13, 2008)  Why did Peter Jackson of the famed Lord of the Rings decided to produce his film in New Zealand? There is only one perfect reason for that. New Zealand-despite its charm, remoteness, and rawness-offers the kind of environment the movie entails. It seeks to capture the early days of the world, when trees are teeming all over, waters and brooks provide habitats to schools of fish, and the . (Destination Tips)

Port Alfred My New Favorite - Find Port Alfred Accommodation

 Jenny Currie (March 13, 2008)  Visit Port Alfred, a beautiful little village (or town) on the Sunshine Coast in South Africa's Eastern Cape. I happened to stumble across this amazing place and am now completely in love with it. It can really be described as glorious. The little quaint Kowie River runs through the town, dividing it in 2 and is an attraction for the little ferry boat rides offered including a detailed . (Destination Tips)

Escape To Aruba, a Caribbean Island Ecstasy

 Dan Ayala (March 13, 2008)  Aruba, as many travelers will tell you, has to be among the most welcoming places on Earth. Aruba is situated in the deep southern part of the Caribbean. It is renowned for its white, sandy beaches on the western and southern coasts of the island, relatively secluded from fierce ocean currents. It is a Caribbean island 15 miles north of the coast of Venezuela and enjoys a very healthy .. (Destination Tips)

Everything You Need To Know About France Holidays

 Rene Thomas (March 12, 2008)  The year 2006 saw a huge leap in French tourism with 79.1 million foreign tourists coming to spend a vacation there. This was a tremendous growth rate for France holidays over 4.2% form the past year. Apart from this influx of foreign tourists there are of course a number of domestic tourists, people in and around the country contributing to this number. One of the biggest reasons for .. (Destination Tips)

Old Churches In The Philippines

 Alexis Ray Celestino (March 11, 2008)  Here are some tips to help guide you and other travelers find these historical sites: 1. Ask around. When you have time to visit any locality, fell free to ask the local residents on where they go to hear mass, or where you can find the oldest church, the miraculous shrines, someone surely will direct you on your way. 2. Buy a Travel guide and Map. This is of course a must for any .. (Destination Tips)

It's Addictive - Trading Disney Lanyard Pins

 Gail Nettles (March 10, 2008)  Disney lanyard pins are all the rage with those who love Disney. Or love collecting. Or both. It's an enjoyable hobby that is even more fun when you realize that once at Disney, you can trade them with cast members! But trading Disney lanyard pins does have an etiquette, although it's pretty relaxed. Here's what to know before you go to Disney and start your trading! First - What is a .. (Destination Tips)

Flights - Staying Dry In Thailand

 David Collins (March 10, 2008)  For a taste of Asian culture, many western tourists and backpackers choose to visit Thailand during their trips, in order to enjoy the Buddhist temples, spicy foodstuffs and crystal clear coastal waters. With a range of beautiful reefs and picturesque islands, wildlife holidays through dense jungles and national parks and health spas that offer the chance of some much needed .. (Destination Tips)

Paradise On Earth - Honolulu, Hawaii

 James Bentley (March 07, 2008)  Paradise. There is perhaps no other city on the planet to which the word “paradise" accurately can be used as a description of the community. In short, Honolulu truly is paradise on earth. One of the most compelling features of Honolulu is its magnificent climate. The year around, the average high temperature in Honolulu is in the mid-80s. Nearly 400,000 people call Honolulu home . (Destination Tips)

The Fast Growing City Of Fargo, ND

 James Bentley (March 07, 2008)  Fargo, North Dakota, has become a regional retail, manufacturing, healthcare an educational hub. As a consequence, Fargo has seen a notable increase in its population in recent years. Indeed, since the last census, Fargo has experienced what most analysts believe will end up being a ten percent increase in its population. While not a huge city, Fargo is within striking distance of .. (Destination Tips)

Dallas, Texas - A Vibrant Cosmopolitan City

 James Bentley (March 07, 2008)  Dallas, Texas, is one of the most vibrant an cosmopolitan cities in all of the world. On many levels, Dallas is the cultural, entertainment, commercial and recreational capital of the Lone Star State despite the fact that there really are so many truly spectacular cities and towns in Texas. Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the ninth largest city in the United States as a .. (Destination Tips)

Natural Beauty Found In Clark, New Jersey

 James Bentley (March 07, 2008)  At its founding, Clark, New Jersey was a placid and lovely agricultural community. Families migrated to the area because of its natural beauty and its fertile ground. Indeed, for generations, Clark remained a low key and lovely farming community. However, in more recent times, Clark has changed on some level. The population of Clark has increased to nearly 17,000, people. Of course, .. (Destination Tips)

Cabarete, Puerto Plata Nightlife Guide For the Dominican Republic

 Bobby Rio (February 28, 2008)  Cabarete in the Dominican Republic has long been known for its fantastic kite surfing beaches that attract droves of college aged travelers from around the world. Cabarete is a popular destination where the young come to surf, drink, tan, and party. Most people don't realize that Puerto Plata's towns of Sosua and Cabarete offer much more that a few all inclusive resorts. This is .. (Destination Tips)

The History of Mexico

 Elena Piccini (December 12, 2007)  Travelers to Mexico are tempted to a stunning display of culture, hospitality, fine food and exquisite cuisine, art and history. They are welcomed to small rural villages and vibrant modern centres. There are some “great numbers" describing the wonderful State of Mexico in Central America; the 10.000 km of coasts speak to us of splendid beaches bathed by clear water, the almost .. (Destination Tips)

Tenerife Holidays - A Guide to the South of Tenerife

 Steven Culshaw (December 11, 2007)  Introduction Tenerife is the ideal place to take a holiday for north Europeans due to its close proximity to the northern Europe (only a four and a half hour flight from the UK). The island has great weather, numerous beaches, plenty of activities and pass times available. This article has been crafted with a view to giving anyone interested in holidaying in Tenerife some general .. (Destination Tips)

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