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Grand Canyon Helicopters - Doing a Tour During the Fall Holiday Season

Justine Moriarity

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There may be a cold nip in the air, but there is still plenty of time left for another fun outdoor adventure. Although summer is on the way out, cooler weather ushers in some benefits of its own. Comfortable weather and clearer skies mean something special at the Grand Canyon-it's time to take an air tour!

Starting Point

You can take a Grand Canyon helicopter from two locations. You can depart from the metro Vegas area including The Strip and Boulder City, as well as Tusayan, Arizona, which is just outside the National Park. Both offer unique packages, so let's take a look at what each has to offer.

Tours From Nevada

The West Rim is just over 100 miles outside of Vegas. When you fly from Vegas to the West Rim, you'll get an aerial view of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead too. There are two kinds of tours offered in Vegas: landing tours and air-only tours, with the landing tours offering more options.

Also, the landing tours can set down on top of the rim or on the bottom of the canyon. At the bottom is the Colorado River, the waterway that shaped the canyon over millions of years. You can enjoy a champagne picnic near the river and you can add on a fun raft ride too.

If you're going to book a landing tour that sets down on top of the rim, be sure to buy tickets to the Grand Canyon Skywalk too. The Skywalk is an interesting structure made of huge glass panels you can walk out on and peer down to the canyon floor 4000 feet below you.

If you book an air-only tour, you'll see the same sights from the air, but you'll miss out on the ground experience.

South Rim Tours Departing From Arizona

Although most tours depart from Vegas, you can start a tour in Tusayan if you'll be staying in Arizona or if you want to tour the South Rim instead of the West Rim. Even if you're in Vegas, you can take a one hour plane ride out to Arizona to start your sightseeing experience.

There are two tours to choose from at the South Rim. The first is 30 minutes long, and goes to the mysterious and isolated North Rim, and back again. The other tour lasts about an hour and it initially follows the same path as the shorter tour, but then it takes an extra leg that lets you see more of the park. You'll also fly to the eastern edge of the park, so in total, you'll fly over 75 percent of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The longer tour is the better choice because it doesn't cost that much more yet you get to see a lot more than you would on the shorter tour. Not many people can say they have seen 75 percent of the Grand Canyon!

Deluxe Tour Upgrades

Another decision you have to make is whether you will take a basic tour or a deluxe tour. Basic tours use reliable but older aircraft, while the deluxe tours use state-of-the-art sightseeing machines.

The EcoStar helicopters are used on deluxe tours and these have roomy cabins, comfy bucket seats, and fantastic views with no obstructions through the massive wraparound windshield. The EcoStar allows for the best Grand Canyon helicopter experience in existence.

The deluxe tours lift off from the Strip in Vegas, so you'll get complimentary transportation from and back to your resort in a limousine. you'll get to see the resorts from the air on your return flight. If your flight returns late in the day, you'll et to see the lights of Vegas come alive as you approach the city.


Touring the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience you need to do at least once. First, decide if you want a landing tour or an air only tour, then decide which rim you want to see, and finally select a basic or deluxe tour. Even with all the differences, you'll be able to find an adventure that you won't forget. Book early to guarantee your seats, and book online for the best discounts. The Grand Canyon is one of the most awe inspiring and beautiful places on earth. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to see it at least once in your lifetime.

Visit the canyon this autumn and you can enjoy the cool weather and crisp air that lets you see for miles.

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Grand Canyon - Christmas Holiday Season Helicopter Tours
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