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Grand Canyon Chopper - What Goes On If I Cancel My Excursion?

Justine Moriarity

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Although you have to pay more to tour the Grand Canyon by helicopter than it does if you take a different type of tour, the cost is well worth it because of the fantastic views you see. Because of the cost, it's important to choose an operator with a friendly cancellation policy. That way you'll be protected if you have to change your plans and cancel your tour or reschedule it.

You want to read all the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of your tour package before you buy it, don't skip over them like a lot of people do. Since you may have to pay $300 per person for your tour, you certainly want to know what you're buying. Sure, reading terms and conditions isn't exactly the most exhilarating way to spend your time, but doing so is hugely important.

For instance, one thing you want to look for is the 48-hour cancellation notice policy. Some operators will allow a 100% refund when you to pull out of your tour two days before the departure date.

Planning for the unexpected by checking terms and conditions could prevent you from losing the money that you've already put down for your ticket.

Be Leery Of Booking Same Day Tours

It's always the best idea to book your helicopter tour at least two weeks ahead of time. Even better, you may want to go ahead and book your Grand Canyon tour right after you book your hotel reservation. That way you won't forget and be stuck with a last minute booking.

The reason that I'm against same day bookings, is that these last minute bookings come with no protection. If you oversleep or miss your shuttle ride, you'll be out $300 per person, and there's nothing you can do about it. Tour operators need to protect themselves in the event you don't show up, so you can't blame them for not refunding your money, however, you can protect yourself by avoiding these last minute tours altogether.

Bad Weather Cancellations

While it's not likely you'll have to worry about bad weather grounding your helicopter, there's a remote possibility it could happen. Don't be concerned if your flight is canceled due to weather, because all operators will offer you a full refund, or an option to reschedule if you can fit it in to your trip.

Book Early With Confidence

If you play things smart, you will find helicopter tour cancellation policies to be more than reasonable. Since helicopter tours are so popular, it's easy to see why you should book early if you want to ensure you get a seat, plus you can see why it's a bad idea to wait for a last minute booking.

If you don't book early, the tour you want will probably be full anyway. This is even more true if you are traveling with a group and you need multiple seats.

When you book a helicopter tour out of Vegas, you can buy an air-only tour or one that lands at the canyon. These flights will take you over famous landmarks like the colossal Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.

However, if you take off from the South Rim in Arizona, your chopper will only be able to make aerial tours. Regulations prohibit Grand Canyon helicopters from flying below the rim and landing on the canyon floor at that end of the canyon. Although you won't be able to take a landing tour, the air tours are definitely worth taking because the scenery is so beautiful. The better tour there is the long one that gives you 50 minutes of air time and lets you see about 75 percent of the entire Grand Canyon National Park. If you'll be staying in Vegas, you can take a sixty minute airplane flight to the South Rim where you can then begin your helicopter tour.


You can see there are a lot of options when it comes to aerial tours of the Grand Canyon, and no matter which tour you choose, it's sure to be a very memorable experience. Remember that cancellation policies can usually work out in your favor, as long as you're booking in advance. Try to stay away from same day bookings, and if your plans change and you need to cancel your tour, be sure to contact the tour company at least 48 hours ahead of your tour date. And don't worry about bad weather cancellations, because your money will be refunded if your chopper is grounded due to a storm.

Start planning your tour now!

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