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5 Tips for Travelers Taking Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Justine Moriarity

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Many people agree that seeing the Grand Canyon by helicopter is an amazing experience. It is easy to see why the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World when you view the majestic scenery from above. Here are five tips that will help you plan a fantastic tour:

1. The landing tours are best, so book one if you can. While they do cost more, the price is worth it because you get a more comprehensive experience at the canyon. Instead of just seeing the Park from the air, you'll also get an up-close experience after you land. Landing tours are only offered on Grand Canyon choppers flying out of Vegas to the West Rim ? federal regulations prohibit them at the South Rim. One landing tour comes with a thrilling descent to the canyon floor where you can get out and enjoy a champagne picnic. You can also add on VIP access to the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk that is located on top of the West Rim.

2. Look for a tour that flies on the premium EcoStar 130 sightseeing helicopters. They're state-of-the-art and their passengers get several advantages, including stadium-style seating, awesome climate control, 180-degree windshields, a smooth, quiet ride due to their aerodynamic design, and more personal space because of their larger passenger cabins.

3. If you'll be visiting the South Rim, go for air tours that give you 50 minutes of airtime. South Rim flights come in two versions: 30-minute and 50-minute. The longer tour is a better deal. It lets you see views of the South Rim, North Rim, and eastern edge of the park including the famous Dragoon Corridor, which is the deepest part of the canyon before returning you to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. These tours are even better if you upgrade to the EcoStar 130 chopper for the ultimate viewing experience.

4. Forget about paying extra for the front-seat upgrade. You can book the seat in advance, but there is no guarantee you will get to claim it. Seating is assigned according to the weight of all the passengers first rather than who paid for a seat upgrade. That way the weight will be divided evenly in the helicopter. So you might pay for the front seat and have to sit in the back anyway, but on the other hand, you might luck out and get a front seat without even requesting it. Because choppers hold 6 passengers, you have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the front seat whether you buy the upgrade or not.

5. Always book your tour on the Internet. This might be the last tip, but it is an important one. You'll always find the lowest prices on the Internet. You don't even have to invest a lot of time searching travel sites for a good deal. All you have to do is book your flight on the tour company's website. You'll get a super Internet price if you complete your purchase on the Web.

These are five of the most important things to know about Grand Canyon chopper tours. Choose your preferred rim first, the West Rim is packed with thrills and the South Rim has amazing natural beauty. All West Rim helicopter flights originate in Las Vegas, and the South Rim is serviced from GCO, just outside the Rim's main gates.

No matter which tour you choose, you will have a fantastic time. Getting a bird's eye view of the Grand Canyon is an experience you will never forget!

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