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The Typical Products of Sorrento

Teresa Desposito

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Sorrento is not only one of the most beautiful places in Italy, but also produces some wonderful typical products that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Lets start off with the amazing Sorrento lemons. There are lemon gardens all over the Penisula and the surrounding towns. The lemons in these areas have a very intense citrus smell that distinguishes them from others. The lemons are medium to very large in size and pale yellow flesh.

This fruit is very acid however very high in vitamin C and other essential minerals. They use the lemons to make a digestive liquor called the limoncello that comes in different sizes and shaped bottles and is sold in all the souvenir and food shops. You will find lemon gelato and sorbets through out the ice cream bars and a very famous cake that is called the “lemon delight”.

Another local fruit is the Arancio Biondo, which means the blonde orange. There are two types of oranges in the region and both have very thick peel and are very juicy. There is a street in Sorrento that is called “Via Degli Aranci” which means the street of oranges. The street is actually lined up with orange trees along the side walks.

For cheese lovers, Sorrento still has an ancient tradition of cheese making. The most famous one being the mozzarella. The mozzarella is sold in soft small balls or in a dried form called the Caciocavallo. In the area they also produce the, ‘ Provolone del Moanco’. This cheese is made with spun dough and is semi-hard. It is made with raw milk and is shaped like a stretched out and narrow melon. The shell is a little hard purposely done since traditional times to protect the cheese from the cold or windy weather.

Sorrento is also a large producer of olive oil which is now being used all over the world. Where ever you go on the Penisula you will see vast landscapes of farms with olive groves which dates back to ancient times. The olive oil of the are is particularly fruity in taste and yellowish green in color. It is somewhat bitter and spicy with hints of mint and rosemary in flavor.

Sorrento is also known for its prestigious wines, which are produced in white, red and a natural sparkling one. Sorrento has also established a beer brewery in 2010 and every year they have a beer festival named “ Birra Felix” and represent many beers from the near by regions.

There are also two ecotypes of walnuts that are produced in Sorrento. One of them is round and fairly small in size and the other is slightly pointed with rounded base. This nut, unlike other walnuts kernel can easily be extracted intact. Sorrento uses the nuts in food: such as; pastas, sauces and desserts. They also grind them and make a digestive liquor with intense flavor and alcohol content, called “nocillo. ”

Another interesting delicatessen food that grows in the mountains of Mount Faito near Sorrento , is the “Black Hooked Truffle”. This truffle grows in the shadows of oak, beech and hazel trees in a pure soil, which are cultivated found early autumn till late winter Gourmet chefs have been using them in their cuisine in the past few years.

As for the sweets, Sorrento has delicious natural homemade ice cream served all year long available in so many different flavors. Confectionery sweets such as; delizia al limone, sfogliata, baba, and many other pastries are also found all year long at cafes and restaurants.

If you stay in some of the apartments to rent in Sorrento , all of them have easy access to flavor all these wonderful typical foods from this spectacular Penisula of Sorrento.


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