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Ghost Hunting in Miami and Key West


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I have never enjoyed a ghost hunting trip as much as this one. I love to look into haunted places, hear the history of these homes and buildings, and explore them. I have traveled to quite a few places to do just that.

Unfortunately, I never really have much like finding the supernatural, but the history and stories that come with each place are enough to make me happy that I took the time to go and look anyway. This time, I went from Miami to Key West in search of haunted places and found myself a couple of them, and a historic ghost Key West tour to join in on. In Miami, I went to the Coral Gables, Biltmore Hotel that was said to be a veteran's hospital, as well as many other things, before this reservation. There were rumored sightings of brides that had died in the hotel, elevators playing tricks, and other sightings of many other ghosts.

When I went there, I did not see any apparitions, but I did hear a lot of noises on “the bridal floor, " as if someone in heels were walking behind me in the hallway, but there was nothing there, and the elevator did glitch out a little bit on me. Also, on my journey from Miami to Key West, I stopped at Curtis Mansion to investigate the sightings there. It has been said that the lights go on and off and doors open and close.

There have also been reports of hearing children's voices throughout the mansion. When I went there I saw doors swinging, but there was a slight draft in the building at all times, results were inconclusive in my opinion. While in Key West I jumped in on the ghost tour that is offered through historic spots. It was an entertaining walk through the town, to see various mansions, graveyards, and creepy dolls and sights. It was fun to walk through Key West in a different light, or should I say without light.

It was lantern lit and that was all. I'm used to hearing about all of the nightlife and celebrations and exciting daytime activities to do in Key West, and have only heard about the Ghost Tours briefly here and there in research. Going from Miami to Key West I was able to find a lot of haunted mansions, graveyards, hospitals, and schools. Though I didn't have many creepy encounters (which is both a good and a disappointing thing), I loved every second of my trip through Florida and the Keys.

I loved being able to say I did some of the main Key West tours and when people asked if I tried scuba diving or went snorkeling, I can laugh and say nope, ghost hunting! I never really thought of trying it on an island before, but with the islands being so close to my original arrangement of going to Florida, I couldn't pass it up!

If you're ever able to the trip from Miami to Key West , I recommend going on the Ghost Key West tours . It was really informative, entertaining, and adds a little twist to any vacation, excursion, etcetera.


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Ghost Hunting The Expectations of Participants
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