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Top 10 European Holiday Destinations for 2012

Emma Hartley

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As the New Year gets closer, it will soon be time to start thinking of your 2012 holiday destinations. To make things easier for you we thought we would list the top 10 European holiday destinations to visit this coming year.


Switzerland which has a population of around 7.4 million, borders with Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, and France is well known as an exciting and intoxicating country. Switzerland has long been a popular destination due to its beautiful snow covered mountains, sparkling lakes and dense forests. Postcard perfect scenery and skiing is what many come to Switzerland for. Med-evil Castles, Cathedrals and Museums are all a must see when touring the country. Swiss chocolate is World famous as is the cheese.


Situated on the West of the European continent, France is a diverse country which again makes a great destinations no matter what your likes and dislikes are. Full of culture and historic past times, France has it all. Paris to the North of the country is the largest, most visited city and to the South the scenery changes dramatically as you head for the French Alps, famous for the winter sports and mountain activities and Chamonix been a household name, it is no wonder France is one of the most visited countries in the World.


When people think of Austria they are normally thinking of Mozart, the great city of Vienna or skiing in the Austrian Alps. Vienna is packed with Imperial palaces, cafes and museums. As more of us thrive a less energetic lifestyle Austria is on the map for been a eco friendly destination. A place to relax and soak up nature, the scenery here is phenomenal. Lakes, fields, flowers and mountains Austira posses of some endemic species that are under preservation. In the winter months flcoks of people swarm for the Austrian Alps and snowy mountains for the winter sport season.


Sweden for many years has been a top holiday destination. The Swedish culture and lifestyle is pleasant and the locals are friendly. Gothernburg is a large city situated to the West of the country whilst the famous capital city of Stockholme to the East. Around 53% of Sweden is forest area and 11% is mountainous. Population in Sweden currently is around 9.3 million. One reason many come to Sweden is to get a glimpse of the Midnight Sun which is visible 24 hrs a day between June and July in many places and the Northern Lights which can be seen between September and March.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is visited by all walks of life from all over the World. History in the UK is everywhere and even the smallest villages hold there stories. London been the most visited City is no suprise the number 1 destination within the UK rich of museums, shopping and nightlife. Soon to become the Olympic venue of 2012, London is no doubt the number 1 top spot in the UK. North of the UK is Scotland, known for it's extreme weather and bonnie mountain scenery. To the Center of the UK you will find lots of agriculture, farming and green countryside views.


I don't think there is anyone who has not heard of this fabulous country. The sun, sea and sangria is what drives many tourists to Spain. History is also rich here with colonel Franco still in many peoples minds. Just about the whole country is surrounded by coast lines and beaches. The Costas to the South of the country are visited with sun bathers in the Summer months whilst city goers prefer to head North to Madrid and Barcelona. A great mixture of countryside, beaches and mountains is what Spain is all about.


Sat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Iceland is a small island which although sounds cold has actually higher temperatures than New York in January! The capital is Reykjavik and is full with colorful houses, friendly people, great food and is safe to walk around in all hours of the day or night. Iceland is also a nature enthusiasts dream with geysers, waterfalls, geothermal hot springs and bird sanctuaries to explore. Over 11 per cent of the country is covered by glaciers, including Vatnajökull, the largest in Europe. Outdoor sports are everywhere due to the diverse countryside.


The Netherlands, also known as Holland is on the coast of the North Sea and is populated by some 16.6 million habitants. The capital of the country is Amsterdam, world famous for its bright and vibrant culture which many visitors are drawn to here each year. Museums are all over the place and a must see for any first timer here is the Van Gogh Museum. Water dominates the landscape as 26% of the country is below sea level but they have managed to control the water situation by constructing dykes, polders and weirs. The most popular sports in the Netherlands are football, hockey, tennis, cycling, golf, volleyball, korfball, handball, swimming and ice-skating.


Denmark is based in the North of Europe and is one of the smallest Scandinavian countries. Population in Denmark is around 5.564 people and 1.702 of that are living in the capital city of Copenhagen. The Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic and Greenland, are part of the North American continent, also belong to Denmark but have autonomous self-rules. The Faroes are famous for the 18 islands, separated by narrow sounds and fiords. Greenland is the world’s largest island, with a total area of around 2.2 million square kilometers. A must see country for 2012 you will get a warm welcome from Denmark.

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