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Thai Massage Parlours Explained


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We hope that by reading this article, you will know what you may expect if you enter the premises of a “massage parlour" in Thailand. There are literally thousands of massage parlours in Thailand, especially Bangkok and Pattaya.

Visitors should be aware that there are many types of massage parlour, from the overtly *** to the professionally qualified, and everything in between. As a rough rule, you can expect to get what you want, as long as you are perfectly clear up front, and willing and able to pay for it.

A massage parlour is a place where you can get a full body massage, or a massage of particular areas of the body: for example, a foot massage. As well as different locations on the body, there are also different types of massage. There is traditional Thai, when you are likely to have all your bones and muscles squeezed, pummelled and cracked. There is also oily massage, where the therapist rubs scented oil into your skin. There is plenty of regional variation too, so you could ask what the local specialty is when you enter the premises.

Without doubt, there are probably some professional massage parlours in Bangkok and Pattaya, but the vast majority will be called ‘massage parlours’ as a euphemism for a brothel where clients pay for a variety of *** services.

In order to prepare the first time visitor, you should be aware that a traditional Thai massage is generally a non-sexual form of massage. The masseuses tend to be quite rough on your body, kneading your muscles and bones with their elbows, feet and hands. Your private areas may well be draped in a towel, and your muscles and bones thoroughly massaged and manipulated until you hear them crack.

For those seeking a brothel style massage parlour, you should know that there are generally three different types of massage parlour. The first are those who offer massages from in-house parlour girls; the girls will be sitting at a bar, or at tables, and will often wear a type of uniform - unlikely to be anything like you expect, and could easily be lime green bikinis!

The second type of massage is locally called ‘B Massage’. With this service, the females massage men with their body. The third type of massage parlour is termed ‘sidelines’. This type of establishment usually employs women for evening/night work, since they often have other employment or studies during the daytime.

You will also see plenty of signs advertising “soapy massage". This is when your selected young lady soaps you all over, then proceeds to soap herself and to wash you, usually in a large bath tub. She will then dry you thoroughly. It is expected that this type of massage will lead to the customer being *** satisfied. Many men think this is the most sublime kind of massage.

So whatever type of massage you are looking for, whether a traditional Thai massage to relieve your aching back, or a soapy sensual experience, premises in Bangkok and Pattaya are sure to be able to satisfy your every need.

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