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Scotland What to See The Experience That Will Live Forever in Your Mind What to Avoid


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What makes Glasgow special? It is the Glaswegians, the people of Glasgow, their sense of humor, their warmth and most of all their willingness to help. Unfortunately over the years, mainly through unemployment, drugs and an increase in the amount of refugees who have came over from Eastern Europe, as well as the lack of opportunity for young people there has been a increase in crime, mainly knife crime. In saying this, there are plenty of police officers, who are friendly and helpful in and around Glasgow City center at all times of the day and night.

Right let's get to the top ten things about Glasgow.

1) I mentioned it earlier in the first paragraph, it is the Glasgow sense of humor, which is legendary. Even in despair we can usually find something to laugh at. I mean, this is a city that has given the world Billy Connolly, Fran and Anna, Francey and Josie, Robbie Coltrane and Shrek, (he's got a Scottish accent, thanks to Mike Myers) Oh, and let's not forget Ricki Fulton, “Still game", and “Fat bastard" (from the Austin powers films)

2) The nightlife, there are an enormous amount of pubs and clubs in Glasgow, some are hidden away from the main area of the city center. There are clubs on all sides of the city. It's perfectly fine to go into any city center pub or club, even if you go in alone, you will probably find someone will come up and talk to you. You wouldn't necessarily go into, let's say a community pub in a “scheme" or a far outlying part of the city. These are usually frequented by the “locals" and unless you are known in that area then it is advisable to stay in the main tourist areas.

3)The transport links. There are buses that go everywhere in Glasgow and for the price of £3.20 you can travel the length and breadth of the city by bus with your “all day ticket", visiting such places as Glasgow cathedral, transport museum, kelvin-grove art gallery and museum and the bur-ell collection, among so many other attractions. There are also trains to every city and town in Scotland, and further afield.

4) The football in Glasgow, otherwise known as the “great divide". Like most cities with more than one football team, there is usually rivalry, unfortunately on the west coast of Scotland there is a minority of people who see religion as a more important factor than the actual football. these individuals are known as the real “bigots". Celtic are mostly followed by “catholics" and Rangers by “protestants". After saying that, the tolerance is a 100 times better than it was even 10 years ago. So go to a game and enjoy the atmosphere, sample the delicacy, that is “pie and bovril" (a Scottish football, legendary combination). You will be in a well policed, safe environment where there is virtually no trouble, or go to Hampden park and catch a Scotland game (sample our national pride) .

5) Alcohol, a “bevvy" a “swally", or a " wee sherbet " (all slang for a drink). Scotland produces the best malt whiskey in the world and you can visit many of the distilleries, some are in Glasgow and some on the outskirts. “Most distilleries do tours, where you get free samples of the golden liquid. ( free whiskey? What more do you want!)

6) “IRN BRU" It's our national drink, (probably drunk more than whiskey, as it's non alcoholic. The recipe is secret to the family business, “Ag. Barr and sons". what does it taste of? Irn bru, that's what ! It doesn't taste like anything else. If you come to Scotland, you have got to buy a glass bottle, it is available in cans and plastic bottles, but it tastes so much better out of a glass bottle.

7) Haggis, is made out of sheep stomach and offal with spices added. Sounds disgusting? Well, it's not, it's absolutely delicious! Contrary to what legend says, it is not a small, fat 6 legged beast that runs about the hills, wild, making loud, grunting noises!

8) Food, Scotland and in particular Glasgow, has a wealth of top restaurants. There are Indian, Chinese, Italian, steak houses, fresh fish restaurants and oyster bars. Traditional food is available as well as the usual fast food outlets.

9) The “banter", Scottish people are well known for their sense of humor, in particular Glaswegians, maybe it's the “big city mentality" but you will usually find people who are the best of friends making fun of each other , ( this is known as “taking the piss") It's a friendly way that a lot of people don't understand, but it usually involves laughing at yourself. Whereas, in other parts of the world, it is seen as demeaning, in Glasgow, it is seen as “having a laugh", (mind you, it's something you would only do with your friends and family, as if you do it to someone who doesn't know you, they may well take it the wrong way and would take offense )

10) Finally, the weather! You know that all around the world, they have 4 seasons? Not in Scotland! We have snow in the spring, rain in the summer, sun in the winter and sometimes even heatwaves in the autumn. Now and again, we do have seasonal weather, but if you are coming to Scotland, you can depend on the people being nice, having a laugh, great nightlife and plenty to do, but just don't depend on the weather!


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