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Planning The Return Journey With Your Luggage

Victor Epand

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So, you have successfully travelled abroad, and survived the experience. Now laden with an armful or two of wonderful souvenirs for yourself and your obligatory loved ones back home, you stare in open mouthed awe at the impossibly small case you brought with you. It seems almost impossible that you really managed to cram all of your items into that bag or case, and you shake your head in wonder that you never had the foresight to imagine that you might wish to return home with trophies of your visit. Where, pray, do they go?

We have almost certainly all found ourselves in this kind of situation, and the end result is usually a combination of cramming and shoving our belongings into our bag in any way they will go, regardless of the likely condition of them at the other end. The bag is almost certainly strained as close to breaking point as you dare go, and your carry on luggage now, instead of a single convenient shoulder bag, now has grown to a shoulder bag and three wieldy, delicate and fiddly carrier bags whose handles may, or may not survive the trip. At least one handle will snap, resulting in a constant battle for survival.

So, how does one plan for this eventuality before leaving for your trip in the first place? There are several tried and tested methods, and planning ahead, giving these methods a try will save you a great deal of effort later, and be far more likely to result in fewer breakages.

The first, and perhaps most obvious suggestion is to under pack on the outward journey. By deliberately leaving space in your case, you will find that not only will your packing at the end of your holiday be much quicker and easier, but you will have room for the souvenirs you have purchased. As a side note to this, when buying souvenirs, make sure you are not carried away, and bear in mind the room you have allowed yourself. The six foot suit of armour might look fantastic, and be at a tremendous price, but exactly where will it fit in your suitcase?

The second suggestion is to purchase a suitcase with an expanding side. These are becoming quite popular, and are readily available from most luggage specialists. The case itself has two zips - the main one that opens the whole case, and then a second zip running parallel, which allows an expanding side to increase the volume of your case by as much as 50%. This will allow you to pack your items in easily, and still have room for your new items.

A third suggestion is to plan to discard certain items you took with you. Many people pack cosmetics in specially bought plastic bottles which are smaller than the original jar, and holds just enough for the period you are away. These typically cost just a few pence, and at the end of your holiday, are mostly empty. For the sake of a few pence, why not bin them? This will help to increase the space. Plenty of people do the same thing with clothes, buying a few really cheap tops which they would not wear back home, and simply discard them at the end of their trip, or donate them to a charity shop or recycling centre.

The bottom line is this: plan. If you give the second packing experience which you can look forward to at the end of your trip some thought before you go away, you are more likely to ensure an easy, successful, quick and effective escape. Your souvenirs are far more likely to survive as well.

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