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Thinking About The Weather When Packing

Victor Epand

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Generally when people are packing their luggage for their holiday they tend to do one of two things. Either under anticipate or over compensate.

As far as the first is concerned, under anticipating the kind of weather and climate conditions that you will face on your holiday can result in either an uncomfortable experience or an expensive one as you hurriedly purchase clothing that you really should have purchased earlier and taken with you. It is relatively easy to ensure that you are aware well in advance of the kind of weather conditions you are likely to experience in that location at that particular time of year.

The best people to talk to to get advice on the kind of weather conditions you are likely to experience on your planned trip are of course travel agents, although it is also possible to carry out research yourself online. There are an increasing number of sites dedicated to helping you plan for the anticipated weather conditions. You will be well advised to do either or both of these things.

The other problem is over compensating, particularly if you are planning on going somewhere that is quite cold. Of course going to a cold location generally requires you to take clothing which is bigger and bulkier than if you were just going to a warm beach location. In this case, you would be sensible to think carefully abut the kind of materials that you are taking, as well as how to pack them. Don't just throw in every jumper and coat that you own, because this will only add to your problems in taking a vast quantity of luggage with you.

Remember that layering is warmer than one single item usually. It also increases the opportunity for variety once you are on holiday. Certain types of clothing, particularly windproof jackets and other coats, help to keep in the warmth by having material built into the padding which holds a great quantity of air. This air, being close to your body, builds up heat and retains the heat quite well, which is an advantage.

However, a disadvantage of such clothing is that it also takes up considerable room, and it is not helpful to have to carry about with you a large suitcase whose chief component is fresh air. One possible solution to this is to use one of the air compression systems that have become so popular in recent times.

This air compression system is effectively a large transparent bag into which bulky clothes can be placed, and using a small air pump, the excess air is drawn out. It is remarkable how much less space bulky clothes will take up.

So by wise and careful planning and research on the kind of weather you are likely to experience, and using sensible choices of clothes and possibly a solution such as air compression, you can save yourself quite a headache. Of course, it would also be very sensible to make sure you have some kind of backup so that if you intend on going to a warm location, you also take clothing in case you have an unexpectedly cold day. Similarly, planning on going to a cold location could present with you with a challenge if the sun happens to come out, and all you have to wear are your thermals.

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