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The Little Essentials You Need To Pack

Victor Epand

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One of the things that most people give a reasonably good amount of thought to whilst packing are the little things which can make a big difference. It's often the little things which can be overlooked, forgotten, or assumed one already has.

It's also worth giving very good consideration to where these small but important items will be packed. Some of these, such as passports, tickets and money, will be necessary from the very beginning of your holiday, and it will be necessary for you to be able to produce these quickly and easily when required, without having to unpack half your suitcase in the middle of the departure lounge.

At the same time as making sure that these little but important items are conveniently handy, you don't want to run the risk of them being too exposed or too prone to theft or accidental loss. For the small but important items such as paperwork, including passports and tickets, it is a very good idea indeed to have a small pouch, preferably one which zips up, and will be able to contain everything conveniently and safely. This pouch can then be placed inside one of your carryon bags, or if small enough, an inside pocket of your jacket or coat. Do make quite sure that it is not visible, or easily lifted from a pocket or outside flap on your bag.

As well as the items that will be required at the beginning of your holiday, it is also important to plan ahead, and think about the small but very easily misplaced items that you will require at the end of your holiday. These include such things as our house keys, your car keys and possibly tickets stubs, all of which can be easily forgotten or placed somewhere safe during your holiday, resulting in a last minute panic search inside your luggage at the end of a tiring holiday.

It is often a good idea that a carryon bag has sufficient internal pockets which can be sealed and use one of these to store all of the small items. Of course, this does pose something of a security risk, should anything happen to that particular bag. By having all your proverbial eggs in one basket, you are at greater risk of losing all of the important items.

Often, people who are going on holiday and are aware of the risk of losing or forgetting where certain items are, such as house keys or car keys, take a spare. When a couple goes on holiday, quite often each will take their own key, just in case one gets lost. It is also an option to consider to have two copies of your house key in two separate bags, just in case one does get lost or damaged.

Taking this idea further, packing small but essential items such as underwear can similarly be a slight risk, since you can guarantee that the luggage that is delayed or lost will be the one that contains all of your underwear. Therefore, it is sound advice to divide important items like this between at least two bags, assuming that you haven't managed to reduce your luggage to a single carryon. By having some of these smaller items with you in your bag, then you know that should the worst happen and your suitcase gets lost or delayed, you will still be able to look and feel presentable.

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