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Pros & Cons of Cruising


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Cruising, I would dare to say, for the most part has been reserved for the experienced traveler. Those among us that enjoy, for all intents and purposes, a different way to vacation – a hotel on water that brings you a bit of the unknown at every stop. Depending on which side of the spectrum you lie on, this may be a positive or negative – but if you’re only measuring whether to cruise based solely on the year you were born, you might be missing out on something.


These days, cruises have reinvented themselves to accommodate all sorts of different cruisers. For the younger crowds they have dance clubs and bars that stay open very late. They have the casinos that always induce action along with different activities such as ice skating and rock climbing that will challenge even the most accomplished climber. Of course with all the improvements that they made to welcome in the newer cruiser, they haven’t forgotten the frequent one. The shows on most cruises are of the best quality – along with the food and the service.


The lines to get to places are just too long. I have mentioned this before – waiting in line is just a way of life when you decide on cruising. You have to wait for everything – to exit and enter the boat, to get your food, to climb the rock wall – everything has a line and you have to wait. On very small occasions, it may seem that the wait is not worth what you’re waiting for, and there really is no way of knowing if it is. If you find yourself standing in line, ask yourself if you really do need that second helping of mashed potatoes.


You get to experience a lot of things on a cruise. If you are taking a seven day Caribbean cruise, you will probably get to see about 4 or 5 different islands. This is great if what you’re looking for to experience different things all in on trip. Every morning you are greeted with a different adventure – and it’s these adventures that make taking to open seas such a joy. Whether you take an excursion or venture out on your own, the often small differences from one place to another, make up 4 or 5 vacations in one.


For the majority of the people on the cruise, their sleeping quarters are the size of their closet back home. On my first cruise, I could literally stand on one side of my cabin and touch the other side. There is not much room for unpacking your luggage and even less room to just get comfortable. I found that the bathroom was much bigger then the rest of the cabin. I also have determined that the term ‘cabin fever’ was derived from a person taking a cruise.


Food and entertainment are included when cruising. Although they do have some specialty restaurants onboard, you can get your meals for free. And the bountiful of goodness that these ships pack these days is more then enough to satisfy. Most entertainment (shows, movies, etc) are also included in the price. So, a nice dinner and movie – followed by a romantic walk out on the deck looking up to see an amazing sky is all on the house…or on the boat.


You may feel a little trapped by the fact that you are out on the ocean with no place to go. The entertainment – if you don’t care much for a movie or a show – is quite limited. Everywhere you go there is water and if you’re prone to motion sickness, there is literally nothing you can do to help stop the boat from rocking.

Educating yourself before any trip is well worth the task. There’s loads of information out there that will help you discover a grand vacation. Make your own list of pros and cons – there are both sets for every type of vacation – and your decision making process on which trip to take will come much easier.

Need help making your decision? There are loads of cruises and other types of vacation all in one place. Check out these cruise specials then check out these land vacations to find the perfect getaway.


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