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Mississippi River Cruises


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A Mississippi River cruise is a real trip into history. The Mississippi River is the second longest river within the United States. Its size traverses a length of 2,340 miles, originating in Lake Itasca, and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. The river's whole length provides numerous opportunities for a Mississippi River cruise.

Paddle into the History Books

Paddle boats are an icon in the history of America and deeply embedded in the Mississippi River area. These were a development resulting from the development of steam powered engines of which the early US military quickly and strategically applied to moving troops and equipment up and down the Mississippi river.

The military of the civil war saw advantages to moving troops and equipment along this water line, and steam power was becoming an interest of study and expansion. The military found that troops and supplies could be easily moved from north to west using steam powered paddle boats. Some Mississippi River cruises provide an entire tour around the past military interests and advantages of the river itself.


The paddle boat now serves a more entertaining purpose. Today, there are several paddle boat companies that provide touring services up and down the Mississippi River. Mississippi River adventures can provide you and your family with both a scenic and historic view of this grand area of the US.

American Eagles

Some journeys down the river take you on a sojourn through the dam locks located in Lynxville and then into Wisconsin for eagle watching among the bluffs of Effigy Mounds National Monument. There are no places in the world where the eagles most beautifully exemplify freedom as much as the American eagle.

The American eagle is unique to North America and found in no other location. These birds of prey fly with a command over their skies. Their flight is the most graceful of any other. It's a sight that is hypnotising, but yet dominating - one that is a must for anyone to see, especially for grade school children leaning about America and its values. Spotting one of these spectacular birds on a river cruise would be a treat for all on board.

A Mississippi cruise will take you back in time. The river has commanded its way through land for thousands of years, doing its best to cut a new architecture upon the face of the earth. Evidence of this is the rich, bright, and vibrant landscape you will see as you take your Mississippi River cruise.

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