Rash Guards and Board Shorts, the New Wet Uniforms for Yacht Crews?


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As your guests are heading back to the swim platform on the wave runner, you can see in their eyes that they are not thinking about a single thing that you told them about docking before they left. They have just been skipping across the surface of the water at 60 Knots, and driving personal watercraft is not something they do everyday, as a matter of fact, they have probably only done it once before. As they get close to the platform they slow, the wave runner rolls a bit, so you grab for the hand grip to stabilize it. We all know what happens next. As you grab for the wave runner, the guest pulls you in to the water. Luckily this time you didn’t have your radio on your belt, but you are soaked just the same.

On most yachts it is inappropriate for the crew to work among the guests bare chested. It is part of that invisible line of professionalism between crew and guests. Now you have to go and change your soaked khaki shorts and polo shirt for a fresh uniform. The addition of a wet uniform to a crew member’s ensemble is the best solution to this problem. There is already an “off charter" uniform for work projects, a “day uniform" for guests onboard and a “night uniform" or “dress" for evenings with guests. The advent of the wet uniform keeps the deck department looking sharp even when they are soaked, because nobody looks professional in wet khakis and polos.

Some yacht crews started wearing rash guard shirts during wash downs, to keep from getting completely scorched in the midday sun. Then a few yachts started buying them for the crew, for their water sports activities. The main problem was size availability and style continuity. Rarely could a Chief Stewardess go into a surf shop and purchase 10 of each size in a particular style and color. These shops stock one or two of each usually. Then the problem becomes the logos. Most rash guards on the market are covered with advertising for their manufacturers. Lastly there is the continuity problem; companies like Quicksilver, Billabong, Rip Curl, Oneill etc…almost never have the same design available from year to year. How is a Yacht then to reorder uniform pieces for a new crew member or to re supply worn items? The answer to all of those problems is Wet Effect, Inc.

Wet Effect was started by former yacht crew to solve these issues and take the wet uniform to the next level. Wet Effect has its own line of fast drying and comfortable Board Shorts and Rash Guards. All of these products are manufactured to the highest quality and without logos. This lets the yacht crew put their logo or boat name anywhere on the uniform. Logos can be applied by the yacht’s uniform supplier, or it can be handled by the staff at Wet Effect.

Fred Lemon is Co-Owner of http://www.weteffect.com This company manufactures Custom Rash Guards and Custom Board Shorts. Wet Effect also manufactures Custom Fight Shorts


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A cork board for decorating your office as well as for using as a cork bulletin .

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