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Xingping Fishing Town


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Terminals along the Li River from the town quite different Xingping 2 km, is the first president Sun Yat-sen in China, U. S. President Franklin were visited fishing villages, fishing at the river, was built in 1506 AD, the legend on the high-brow for the Xingping Fair Your choice to migrate to this. Fair Housing and ancient village architectural style is similar, green and black tiles, sloping roof, horse wall, cornices, the buildings, carved windows, row upon row of unique structure, with the typical characteristics of the Ming and Qing summer houses Northern, dating back nearly 500 years, still well preserved. The entire complex covers an area of 1.5 hectares, there are 48 traditional houses around the village before the Li River, the vicinity of several overlapping barrier across the river, Lei Shan, Jin W Hill, Yuanbaoshan, ordered by the sword, Beacon Hill wind all touching different color; Village After the peaks listed Fingers straight Junsu, Ma Jing Shan, Tin kiosk magnificent steep, often inspiring.

Days kiosk built in and connected to Ma Jing Shan Wuzhishan between an area of about 20 acres of flat land on the southeast side has a Village gate, all surrounded by cliffs, only a path to pass, the terrain is very advantageous. The Village of the Qing Xianfeng to avoid war between the rich fishing village, built banditry. Because Zhaizhong have Jingquan two clear springs do not dry up after the winter, for thousands of people drinking, villagers suspect the water fall from the sky, “Heaven kiosk" hence the name, this ancient village is well preserved.

Maybe fishing is really a party, “your land", since the self-built villages, ancient generals, Fushen after another. Ming has jinshi Zhaohai Wu, Qing dynasty, there Scholars Zhao Weiqing, Zhao international Long, Zhao Ru move, Zhao Jin, Zhao Day Qing, Zhao thrift Cheng Deng Liuren, and more people move here from the late Qing reformist leader Kang disciples participate in the “bus a letter to" the Zhao Taiwan; out of the great Republic of China President Sun Yat-sen following the revolution of the Huangpu a Health Zhaodan Yao; there are wealthy Yangshuo Zhaojia Tang; There are resident in Canada to study overseas and ship master Dr. Zhao Yuandian . . . . . . to modern, contemporary fishing village outside the county ( Governor), Commissioner of the above officials, up to 20 people.
1921 winter, when he was a great President of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen, the rate of the fleet more than three hundred ships, dating back from Guangdong and on the establishment of the Northern Expedition base camp ready to Guilin.

Reached Yangshuo, the Sun Yat-sen made a “democratic practice and development of three rich sources of Yangshuo method" speech. Zhao Danyao fishing village who is a loyal follower of Sun Yat-sen, worked in the National Revolutionary Army Renying Chang, head, until killed in battle, was made a major general commander of the post. Arrival in Yangshuo, Sun Yat-sen so as the second day after the speech to the fishing village to promote his revolutionary ideas.

Sun also Hu, Zhang Meng, who accompanied the day boarded the village kiosk. Kiosk in the day, the Sun Yat-sen on the beautiful sights amazed that night that the river in front of the village parking overnight on board, and wrote “Heaven kiosk, " the words, before the next day with a fleet to Guilin.
At 16:00 on July 2, 1998, the then U. S.

President Bill Clinton and his party, down from Guilin by boat to reach the fishing village visit. Typical of the quaint fishing village of Clinton on China's rural character nodded approval, he happily enjoyed the old wharf wall, walk in the deep alleys, carved doors and windows are deeply attracted to those who can not help but stop to touch, put it down. During a visit to the canteen after the villagers Zhaojia Shi, Clinton said: “My grandmother is a grocery store, I like to see small shop", then take the initiative and Zhao Jiashi family pictures taken.

After nearly an hour in the fishing village visit, Clinton in the presence of villagers and journalists, said: “Here I want to news media and to help our Chinese people, said, under the leadership of President Jiang Zemin, the Chinese people's lives will become increasingly well, life is as wonderful as the flowers. " President Clinton's visit to fishing village, the world competing in major media reports, the little fishing village famous.


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