Airplane Travel - The Carry-On Baggage Mystery

Gail Leino

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We all may need to take an air flight at least once in our lives which means that we’ll have to deal with figuring out the mysteries of Carry-On Baggage. There’s the question of how many bags are allowed and just how big can these bags be, and maybe I can sneak one more little bag onto the plane with me?

In light of the recent attacks on airplanes in years past and the increasing pressures on airlines to be safer many are undergoing a series of rapidly changing guidelines on many subjects including Carry-On bags. So despite the guidelines listed here its always best to double check with your airline in order to find out what kind of Carry-On baggage will be allowed on.

Usually airlines will allow passengers up to 40 pounds of Carry-On baggage, but you have to get the baggage to fit into a space that is somewhere between 14 inches high, 21 inches wide and only 8 inches deep per bag. You may be allowed to take on three pieces of luggage, so that means you get to pack a little over 13 pounds into each piece of luggage. This may seem like a lot but clothing, and other travel articles tend to add up to a lot very quickly.

You may have succeeded in sneaking an extra bag onto the plane with you in the past, but in today’s climate I wouldn’t suggest attempting such a thing. You are more likely to get caught because the attendants are trained to keep a sharp eye out for things unusual. Plus if you are caught there’s a chance you could end up on the no fly list, depending on how security feels about you at the airport. At the very least you’ll be charged a fee because that extra piece of baggage needs to be checked and will add more weight to the plane.

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Packing Carry On Luggage How to Pack a Carry On Suitcase
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