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Planning To Attend Helicopter Training?


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Have you ever desired to become a helicopter pilot? It's possible by attending a helicopter flight school. The demand for trained helicopter pilots is increasing everyday. You can find successful flight careers available worldwide. There are even exciting opportunities for pilots who would like to stay close to home.

Now is a good time to enter the area with many veteran pilots retiring and helicopter use increasing. Most helicopter jobs are exciting, adventurous as well as dangerous. One of the most dangerous jobs in the US is as an emergency medical helicopter pilot according to air-crash investigators.

Another dangerous chopper job could be the helicopter linemen who maintain power lines from a helicopter. Then there's the chopper pilot who trims trees around power lines with a giant chainsaw. Flight instruction at an FAA Certificated helicopter flight school is the 1st step to acquiring a helicopter pilot's license. Typically the student is at least age 16 while some schools require he be 18 years of age. Plus he has to pass a 3rd class health check. An FAA medical is required of every pilots and student pilots.

The class 3 medical certifications are for non-commercial pilots only, since they possess the least stringent requirements. Class 3 medical exams measure distance vision (corrective lenses are OK), color vision, hearing, blood pressure and could offer an electro-cardiogram. Disqualifying conditions may include diabetes mellitus, coronary heart disease, epilepsy and several others.

The class 2 medical exams are for non-airline commercial pilots and include jobs such as crop dusters and charter pilots. Class 1 exams are needed of pilots of scheduled airliners. A helicopter flight school typically is composed of ground school instruction and flight training.

Ground school instructs the students in the principles of flight such as how wings generate lift. Other topics include meteorology or weather factors and also the type of weather conditions you shouldn't fly in. Regulations, navigation, air traffic control systems and radio communications may also be covered.

You must pass the FAA knowledge test to proceed further in your training. Some students take the ground school courses at the same time they go through the flight school. You'll have a Chief Flight instructor (CFI) to check the completion of each training level in flight training. You may begin with basic helicopter maneuvers and emergency procedures. Later high performance maneuvers and landings are taught. Finally cross-country flights include VOR/ADF tracking procedures, dead reckoning navigation and pre-flight planning. The instructor in a helicopter flight school determines whenever a student is fully ready to take the flight and written exams that are given by the FAA inspectors. In the event the student completes both elements of the test successfully, he or she earns a private pilot's license. The private pilot can fly passengers for free, not for pay. The private pilot then may take advanced instruction involving such things as flying on instruments to qualify for a commercial pilot's license. The commercial pilot can fly for hire. Actually, further study could earn the pilot the Air Transport Rating which qualifies him as an airline pilot! There are quite a few items to consider when choosing a place for helicopter flight school . Whether you are thinking you want to earn your private pilot’s license or you are looking to fly commercially, helicopter pilot training is something you need to go through. Hillsboro Aviation school has the specialized helicopter courses you need to accomplish your goal so you can start flying as soon as possible. Visit for more information.


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