Fear of Flying AKA Aviophobia


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My doctor told me that anyone can develop an allergy at any time of their life without any apparent reason for it. This phenomenon of rejection along with physical side affects, depending on the allergy, can literally develop while you are sleeping.

I can just about grasp the allergy thing as it’s a physical condition, but a pilot who suddenly becomes afraid of flying and without incident or cause, is a little harder to digest. However, it can and does happen. My brother still flies and although he has never had any scares or incidences, he recently told me he’s getting more and more nervous each time he boards a plane. He’s now in his mid 40’s and this is becoming such a problem with him that he’s thinking about seeking professional help for his newly developed phobia.

The fear of flying is believed to be very widespread. Some even think as many as 1 in 5 people are afraid of flying but put on a brave face it so as not to come over as weak, or loose out on a holiday abroad. However, with some folks it’s just impossible to get on a plane without therapy. Like so many phobias, the fear of flying can often develop out of nowhere. Just think about it for a second. One day you’re a confident air commuter, and then before you know it, you’re a quivering wreck before the plane even reaches the runway.

In psychiatry, phobias fall into the following 3 categories: Agoraphobia, Social Phobia, and Specific Phobia.

Most folks know that agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. It is also a fear of having a panic attack in a public place, like the middle of a supermarket, which is a classic.

As for Social Phobia, well that’s a little more unpredictable and is more of an irrational anxiety brought forth by exposure to certain social situations. This often leads to avoidance or irrational confrontational behavior from the sufferer.

Specific Phobias can be just about anything and everything and are often a nuisance or embarrassment to those that have them. However, the phobia is real enough to the person that has it even though many of them may be laughable to those unaffected by such fears. Although most of these phobia types can be cured or lessened, most go untreated.

A specific phobia is probably best described as a persistent and irrational fear in response to some specific stimulus, which generally results in evading or a withdrawal from that stimulus. It could literally be triggered by a tiny insect, a building, or a bowl of fruit. A specific phobia can relate to people, places, or things. Here’s a short list of a few on the more common ones, but the ‘real’ list is in fact endless

Fear of enclosed spaces – claustrophobia,
Fear of disease – pathophobia
Fear of spiders – Arachnephobia
Fear of Failure – Atychiphobia
Fear of cats – Ailurophobia
Fear of plants – Botanophobia
Fear of dancing – Chorophobia

It’s important to note that all phobias can be treated with help. No one has to suffer unnecessarily. If you have a fear of flying or a fear of anything, and it’s interfering with your daily life, then now’s the time to seek professional help to overcome your phobia.

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