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Airport Security Information for a Safer Trip

Maria Marilyn Madrid

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Airport security information exists to ensure that everyone experiences a safer trip. These guidelines were outlined for every airport passenger to follow with no exemptions. So as much as you would like to get seated right away and avoid the inspection process, I’m sure you’d prefer to be comfortable knowing that you can sleep through the flight after all safety measures have been performed rather than skipping precautionary procedures and be cautious about possible dangers during the flight.

Everyone understands the importance of pre-flight inspections and no one wants to be that scene-grabber who refuses to have his belongings checked. But for the sake of those who may not be aware yet, here are three reasons why you should be aware of airport security procedures and why they should be followed.

Personal Security

It is for your own security. Inspections are performed not only for the airline’s sake but most importantly, for your own safety. Any issues like jammed air traffic signal due to cellular phone usage can affect the flight including everyone aboard the airplane. Dangerous items may become objects of harm for anyone with otherwise ill intentions aboard a flight. Also, as mentioned earlier, anyone will appreciate the opportunity to sleep throughout a flight knowing that any imminent danger had already been taken care of.

Minor Hassle Prevents Major Issues

Minor hassle is better than a major disturbance. The former refers to the entire security process while the latter refers to any potential problem during the flight when dangerous items slip through the inspection procedure. It is better to spare time for minimal hassle than experience greater discomfort when any untoward incident occurs because someone refused to be bothered with the inspection process.

Flight Procedure Standards

Airline and flight procedure standards must be followed. Airline companies must observe flight inspection standards imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, other organizations they are a member of, and their own company’s rules. So when security personnel state that it is their job to follow rules and to have these imposed upon every passenger, it is indeed their job to do so and it’s best to oblige and let them perform the work they have been commissioned to do.

Prohibited Items List

The items that are prohibited in any flight include the following:

1. Flammable Items

a. fuel

b. aerosol (spray paints)

c. torch lighters

d. matches

Common lighters may be allowed but only when hand carried.

2. Sharp Objects

a. box cutter

b. knife

c. ice pick

d. razor type blades

The above must be checked while scissors are allowed.

3. Sporting Goods

a. golf clubs

b. pool cues

c. baseball bats

d. hockey sticks

The above will be checked while tennis rackets are permitted.

4. Martial Arts and Self-defense Items

a. night sticks

b. pepper spray

c. brass knuckles

d. kubatons

e. nunchakus

The above as well as other products used as a self-defense material will be checked.

5. Tools

a. axes/hatchets

b. saws

c. hammers

d. pliers/wrenches

e. screwdrivers

The latter two are allowed provided that they are hand carried and must be seven inches or less in length while the former three will be checked.

All sharp objects included in the checked baggage must be wrapped properly or sheathed in order to prevent injury to passengers or any airline personnel.

In relation to the above list of items, it is best to not bring them at all when they are not really necessary to do so. This way, the time spent undergoing the inspection process will be lessened.

Being aware of the airport security information is beneficial as it equip you of the knowledge needed to make your flight comfortable and safer.


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Airport Security and Flight Safety
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