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Robotics navigation is broadening its area in various fields


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Today the high degree of autonomy becomes easier with the arrival of highly advanced robotics navigation technology. On one hand, this high degree of autonomy is developed due to the wide perspective of applications. On the other side, this spreads its area to various fields, especially in military and industrial applications due to reduction in cost of electronic devices, computers and other mechanical systems. The intelligence agencies and various military operations are working on the proposition of complex and ambitious projects of robotics navigation. Most of the applications were designed to program the robots for doing work in various projects.

Functions of Robotics Navigation in real world

Motion Capture: The robots are programmed today for various operations like planet exploration, transportation of parts in factories, cleaning and monitoring of household, searching for radioactive elements in nuclear plans, inspection of volcanoes and various other projects on which human objects can’t work. Furthermore, in navy forces, the robots are using to search the hidden mines and various underwater projects that cannot be performed by human beings. The robots in the industries use motion capture to detect the movement of objects and then transfer the data via digital signals.

Attitude heading reference: There are attitude and heading reference systems use gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers to provide greater performance within the fraction range. These 3 axes are used to determine the absolute orientation of the head, pitch and roll. These systems are widely using in military and major projects of industrialization. The small size and high performance devices of low cost can easily be setup with any other equipment. This system also uses magnetic azimuth for the navigation of robots through its sensors. The robots use sensing elements to detect the movement and size of an object so that it can analyze the data and act for which it is programmed.

Orientation Sensors: In robotics navigation, orientation sensors are also play a vital role in giving preference to real time and zero latency orientation tracking. This works on the data update speed of up to 100Hz. About all three crucial and rational axes, this integrates the gyroscopes with an aim to provide the output with high-frequency and real time measurement. This avoids the dynamic disturbances on measurement operations so that it can be able to give the absolute determination of data by using raw, pitch and roll. The compact design of orientation sensor makes it more compatible with power saving mode.

About Inertial Labs

Inertial Labs Inc. is a company which is aimed to provide the real time solutions of human object orientation and auxiliary orientation by involving the techniques of accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. This provides the professional services to military and law enforcement training and simulation in the field of position and orientation tracking. In the same way, it gives the solutions in indoor/outdoor position and orientation tracking of human objects and auxiliaries. You can log on to for further details regarding the projects of this company and the areas of operations.

Log on to for details of projects of robotics navigation, motion capture attitude heading reference and orientation sensors.


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