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Headaches: A Common Complaint During International Flights


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International flights tend to be longer than domestic ones and so seem to cause a little more physical discomfort when compared to their domestic counterparts. While those who have travelled by air before are quite used to these symptoms, first time travelers are usually overwhelmed and sometimes even panic. The best way to tackle any problem, however, is to do so with a cool head and think straight. And if one cannot manage this, it is always best to rely on the experienced cabin crew who are sure to have a remedy ready.

Headaches are a common complaint on international flights. There are many reasons for this. Apart from the fact that every person’s body reacts differently to different situations, there are some passengers who feel the mental pressure of being so high up in the sky and this leads to excessive thinking and stress which in turn projects itself in the form of headaches. In such a situation it is always better to calm yourself down by reading a book, watching a light hearted movie on the entertainment system that most airlines have, or to simple close your eyes and take a nap. Thinking too much about the situation and getting anxious over it is not a great way to handle the pressure of international flights and a little meditation or simply closing your eyes and thinking pleasant thoughts goes a long way in alleviating stress levels.

Another common cause for headaches is the low quality of air that is sometimes found in aircraft cabins. The percentage of oxygen in these cabins is sometimes lower than normal which leads to headaches due to the brain getting a limited supply of oxygen. Some bodies tend to react more sharply than others so while some passengers do not feel a thing even if there is a considerable drop in oxygen levels, others seem to have trouble even when nothing is too wrong. So while headaches are quite a common problem, one also needs to understand that panicking in such situations will only make matters worse for you and everyone else around.

The remedies for headaches are quite simple too. Before a flight one needs to make sure that they are dressed comfortably in airy clothing. Stuffy suits may look good and dapper but they certainly do not do too much for comfort. A little light exercise like maybe a brisk walk or stretching also seems to help. During the flight if one experiences headaches, one can ask the cabin crew to provide them with painkillers or in extreme cases some sleeping supplements to help one sleep it off.

So though international flights usually pass off without any event, some common physical ailments like headaches and ear pressure do tend to complicate the journey a little.

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