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Review for trip from Miami to Key West with tours operator


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Review for trip from Miami to Key West with tours operator
Reviewing what was it like on going on a tour/shuttle from Miami to Key West using Miami tours operators company, Half Price Tour Tickets
While in Miami Beach, I had a great time overall, but still think it was a bad idea going on memorial weekend, it was over packed and too crowded on the streets on the clubs on the beach. As an effort to go away from this craziness I booked to the Key West for Memorial weekend (2011) using Half Price Tour Tickets website, online prices are a lot cheaper than everywhere else for the trip from Miami to Key West, and got free pick up from hotel, paid $49 and it was worth every penny. Out of 10 they got 8.

Bus arrived 10 minutes later than the pickup time we were given (7:00am), but it was fine because there was more people waiting at the hotel and we were just hanging there and throwing jokes. After we got picked up we did about 4 more pickups and then departed to the Key West.

During the way to the Key West you see so many beautiful places, go through more than 15 not developed islands, all connected just by a bridge! Sadly, buses are not allowed inside these islands but at least you get to see it from distance. Beautiful views from high bridges all the way there and during coming back.

Once you get to Key West you notice, huge difference from people in Miami and people at the Key West, people that live there, they don’t care much about possessions and appearance (brand clothing, watches, luxury cars, etc. ) compared to Miami Beach, where it is all about “looks”. You get to see materialistic people but just because most of them are tourists. This makes Key West special, and makes you feel like that too.

Well, to continue with the explanation of the trip, just 30 after leaving Miami Beach, we got a break to come down the bus and grab something for breakfast, that was around 8:00am. This time we stopped at a Starbucks (driver said the stop location varies). Had breakfast and back on going.

After crossing all this bridges and islands with amazing views from the bus, We finally arrived at Key West, honestly I was a little bit disappointed of the city, it was not what I expected, but well, we arrived at the Mel Fisher museum, and we went on walking from this point, some people catch the opportunity to go on the museum and discover a little bit more about Key West, others were planning on doing snorkeling and other group just wanted to go chill at the beach and hopefully see some dolphins.

When I saw all these people so exited of doing snorkeling, I changed my mind of coming back same day, called half price tour tickets to change the reservation to come back next day and add snorkeling to the journey. So first day in Key West I walked around by my own to the beach, the city and the so popular Cuba at 90 miles monument. It was relaxing just to go around that little city, seeing how people live there and everything as different as our regular day a day life.

Key West I consider it is a quiet town, at night found bunch of nice people walking around and looking for some action. Everybody ended up at one popular club that night (don’t remember the name), next day I waited to be picked up for the snorkeling; transportation from pickup location to the marina is very close! But then on the boat the trip goes for quite a bit. The coral reeve is just amazing and water is crystal clear over white sand. When snorkeling was finish we boarded the bus again back to Miami Beach. Saw the sunset during the transportation that was nice.

As I said, 8/10 is a good rating for these activities.

Wish you like this review and please comment.

Review by: Andrew Marbel 06/05/11

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