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Five Practical Flight Safety Tips


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According to widely publicized statistics, taking a flight is a far safer way to travel than driving a car; the number of injuries and fatalities associated with traffic accidents on the ground far outweigh such tragedies in the air. However, whether because of skewed media coverage of dramatic plane crashes, or ingrained apprehension about the act of flying, or the impression of the high speeds and high passenger counts involved in airplane accidents, many people still feel that air travel is inherently unsafe. Regardless of your beliefs about air travel, implementing several of the following safety tips can help keep you injury-free during your flight.

#1 - Keep Your Seat Belt Fastened

It seems like common sense, but many people tend to unbuckle their seat belts as soon as the “Fasten Seatbelt" light turns off. While airplane seat belts may be uncomfortable, they are just as important of a safety feature as they are on a car. It's not a good idea to drive around with an unfastened seat belt simply because you assume you won't get into an accident; don't fly with an unfastened seat belt simply because the pilot expects no trouble ahead.

#2 - Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Because of the low pressure in airplane cabins, alcohol has a greater effect on your body. Though many people like to relax with a drink when flying, keep in mind that doing so could seriously impair your judgment and reflexes in the case of an emergency.

#3 - Be Aware of Overhead Luggage

Many people are so preoccupied with possible engine trouble or pilot error that they forget about a serious risk of injury sitting just over their heads - heavy luggage. Overhead bins can only contain so much weight, and during turbulence, bin doors may come open, dropping heavy cases and bags onto passengers. Keeping the size and weight of overhead luggage down prevents injury to yourself and your fellow passengers.

#4 - Fly Direct

The most accident-prone phases of a flight are takeoff, climb, descent, and landing. The more instances of these you encounter during a particular trip, the more likely you are (at least statistically) to be involved in an accident or crash. Flying direct ensures that you are only exposed to these risky phases once.

#5 - Choose Large Planes, Large Airlines

Don't buy into myths about the risky nature of large airlines or large aircraft. While it is true that an accident involving a large airplane may result in a higher body count, this is due solely to the larger number of people on the plane, and not due to safety problems with the plane itself. In reality, large airlines and large planes are usually heavily regulated and inspected by government agencies, making them more likely to be safe than their smaller counterparts.

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