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Flying Business Class is the Way to Go


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Many people travel by planes on a daily basis for one reason or another. Most often it is business people that have to travel frequently for business affairs and such. Many people find that if they travel frequently they prefer flying business class opposed to coach. Business class has also been called executive class. This allows people to fly with better accommodations and amenities then flying coach but it is somewhat less than first class.

This type of travel makes it more affordable and comfortable for those who don't want to ride coach but yet still want some of the better amenities that can be offered. This type of Business class is generally only offered as the highest class on international flights as it can be a bit costly for the airlines.

The business class seats differ greatly from the regular seats as they have the option for you to be able to lie flat where as in coach you can only recline back a bit. There are actually 3 basic types of seats that you can get when flying business class. The seats that are installed for longer trips are the ones that will allow you to recline all the way back. These help people to feel more comfortable when traveling on long flights.

You may get to travel with an airline that offers cradle seats. Cradle seats are the seats that you will find that offer around 160 degrees of recline ability. You will generally find such seats like these on Airlines such as United, Delta, Garuda, Air India and Continental.

Another seat for business class flying that you may find would be the angled for a “lie flat" effect. These seats recline at 180 degrees to allow a person to sleep completely flat, giving them the feel of being in an actual bed. This may help to make their flight less stressful and more comfortable. You may see these seats on airlines such as American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Northwest Airlines and Air France to name but a few.

The airlines that do not offer seats such as the ones mentioned above for their business class flyers, they do offer more leg room to help accommodate their passengers. If you are finding that you are traveling more and more on business trips or maybe it is even for pleasure, you may want to look into flying business class. This will offer you a roomier seating arrangement without having to pay the high costs of first class. provides you with the latest offers on cheap flights , essential information & reviews on destinations worldwide.


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