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Alternative Airports Tips - How You Can Benefit From Using Them


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When we are flying from Point A to Point B not everything that goes on the direct line is always the best option. In fact, most of the time the direct line is going to be the most expensive, simply because those flights are normally getting the attention of most of the travelers. The higher demand the higher the costs. Here you can find some alternative airport tips to follow for your success in getting lower prices.

The first thing you need to consider is alternative airports. And consider them does not only mean to list all the airports that are around in your place, but it means to really get organized and understand the total costs of your trip. First of all, let's focus on your home airports. The best alternative airports tip I can give you is to take a look at which ones they are, and gather information on distance, time spent to arrive there and cost. If you need to use the car, include the expected price of the petrol spent doing the route (and remember, you will need to come back home, so don't forget to multiply the price per 2).

In case you use any kind of public transport, take a look at the discounts, as normally for a return trip the fares will be lower. Airports that are covered only by one bus company will be always more expensive as they will be able to charge as much as they want, so you should check if there is competence or not.

After you have this list, place next to all the possible departure airports the total cost for reaching them, and order them from the less expensive to the most. In this search you should include also the main airport you would use, as sometimes it can be that it is the cheapest option. You really never know until you try to find out.

After this process with the departure airports, it is time to focus on the destination ones. Look for the relevant information and get the same list as you did before with the departure ones, ordering them from the cheapest option to the most expensive one.

Once this is done, it comes the time to look for the real airline possibilities. Check for every airline that departs from any of the departure airports you have listed, and find out if they fly to any of the arrival airports you have selected. In this way, you will end up having all the lines that can be built between one airport and another. This process can be a bit tedious if you don't have access to all the information, so a good idea is to get help from professionals. Many people, as I do, can help you for free to solve this things. For us it really is not any big effort.

In any case, after you have done all this, and you should remember to also write down the price of the trip for each combination, it is the time to sum up the total costs. Simply write down another list with all the combinations associated with their price, and then add to all this prices the ones you have noted before for departure airport and arrival airport. When summing up the three values you will have the total cost we were looking for for every single route. Order the list from the less expensive to the most as a final step to get a bit of order.

Now it is time for you to evaluate, according to the price, transportation possibilities and time to reach and move out from airports, which one you prefer. If going for a long trip, possibly you will not mind in having some bad bus connection if in the end the total cost for the transport to your destination is lower. Instead, if you are going for a short trip, maybe you will not care about paying a bit more for having it easier to get to where you want quickly and with no strange public transport combinations.

It all depends on you in the end, but this process should help you in order to take this decision.

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Dani Alonso


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