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Top Grand Canyon National Park Helicopters to the South Rim Revealed!

Justine Moriarity

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Grand Canyon tour helicopters make for great getaways. The rides are thrilling and a lot of fun. The best part though is getting a bird's eye view of the magnificent wilderness scenery below.

This is especially true if you are flying over the South Rim of the National Park. It is situated in Arizona to the north of Sedona and Phoenix and west of Flagstaff. The West Rim is more convenient to travelers in Vegas since it lies about 120 miles to the east of the Vegas metro area.

Here is another interesting fact about the two rims. If you want to fly to the bottom of the Canyon, you need to take a Vegas helicopter, as such flights are not allowed at the South Rim.

About The Tours

Further, there are no connecting flights between the rims. And if you're in Las Vegas and you want to do the South Rim, I recommend you book one of the direct airplane flights.

The best Grand Canyon helicopters at the South Rim are the ones that lasts fifty minutes. It is a fantastic deal because that tour lets you see about 75 percent of the entire Park.

The 50-minute tour takes off from the National Park airport and goes east along the south rim until you reach Desert Watchtower, a landmark that demarcates that you've reached the Park's eastern boundary.

Colorado River

Here you'll bear north and cross through the Grand Canyon itself, which is absolutely one of the most thrilling moments on the planet. On the way to the remote North Rim, you will pass over the Colorado River confluence.

The trip comes to a stunning conclusion as you fly through the Dragoon Corridor, the widest, deepest section of the Canyon. You'll also soar over Grand Canyon Village.

If you want to spend less money, take the 30 minute tour and you'll still get to see the Dragoon Corridor as you fly to the North Rim and back to the South Rim. It's a shorter tour, but still full of fantastic views.

Watch The Sun Set Over The Canyon

The other South Rim helicopter tour I like is one that includes a sunset Jeep tour. It is a thirty minute tour that begins late afternoon. When your chopper brings you back to the airport, you hop in a Jeep and drive to the edge of the canyon for a spectacular sunset view.

You have to arrange your own transportation to the airport when you take a helicopter tour of the South Rim. If you don't have your own transportation, you can make arrangements at the Bright Angel Lodge or other inn at Grand Canyon Village.

You'll need to arrive at the airport 30 minutes ahead of your tour departure time, and be sure to bring your government-issued ID. Make sure, too, that your camera or smart phone is fully charged and to wear dark clothing as light clothing reflects. Finally dress as comfortably as possible.

Wrapping Up

This sums up information about Grand Canyon helicopter tours to the South Rim. Keeping it simple, there are two main kinds: a 30-minute and 50-minute flight. Choose the one that fits your budget and time allotment. If you can swing it, you should consider the longer tour because you get to see so much more.

Tips from the Author

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