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The Benefits of Using Green, Recyclable, Reusable Moving Boxes


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How many of us have crouched on their living room floor and sworn they’d do everything differently next time round? Having finally managed to work out how to fold the flat-packed cardboard moving boxes in a way that will prevent them from collapsing the moment one puts anything into them, the average householder soon finds out that the humble cardboard box has more tricks up its recycled paper sleeve.

For the moment one has packed the moving box full of anything that’s heavier than a pillow, the bottom of the box gives way under the weight of the contents. After several attempts to secure the bottom of the box with parcel tape, one is finally allowed to close the box with the purpose made lid – which turns out to be far too loose to keep the valuables inside. More parcel tape is needed!

Moving home can be fraught with frustrating moments like these. Just “building” the many foldable cardboard boxes needed for the average 2-bed property can take hours, since they all have to be secured at the bottom with a couple of layers of parcel tape. No matter how strong or well designed the manufacturer claims their cardboard boxes are, the vindictive box never provides adequate, easy folding instructions and never allows householders to subject it to a second house move by reusing it.

At the end of the move, when the removal people have gone and the contents of one’s moving boxes has been scattered across the new home, one is left with a huge number of either squashed or damaged cardboard boxes, none of which are fit for reusing and none of which can be flat-packed and stored away for another house move.

Intrepid, frequent “movers” know the type of green recyclable, reusable plastic moving boxes that can withstand knocks and rough treatment by removal men, boxes that can be hired rather than bought, making the house move economical as well as environmentally friendly.

Another benefit of using industrial grade, fully recyclable plastic moving boxes is that, invariably on the day of moving home, heavy rainfall during transportation from the old home to the removal van and from the van to the new home will turn cardboard boxes into a squishy mess, while plastic boxes will keep contents dry and safe. Apart from spoiling the contents with damp leaking in, the cardboard boxes eventually get soggy and split open, spilling the contents everywhere.

Sometimes the removal van has to be loaded the night before, leaving the household furniture and belongings in the vehicle overnight. Early next morning, on the actual day of moving, damp from condensation will have spoilt the cardboard moving boxes over night and it will be impossible to carry them without them bursting open.

There is a wide range of green recyclable, reusable moving boxes on the market, either for sale or for hire. Searching online is the best way to get a good price.


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