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Four Wheels around the World


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If you’ve never been quad bike riding before, it’s some of the most fun you can have on four wheels. Relative ease of use, combined with off-road capabilities and wide availability make quad biking a great option for the intrepid traveler. Even for the budget-conscious, it really is worth the extra money for that extra freedom that a set of wheels gives you. For the photo enthusiasts, quad bikes offer a little more stability for those on-the-road shots. Just don’t get too distracted.

For many, quad biking is easier to pick up than riding a scooter, especially if you’ve never ridden one before. They’re slightly slower than scooters, so you have more time to chill out and enjoy the scenery (provided you’re not using yours to tear up rugged, uncharted terrain and shallow rivers).

Be wary of expensive pre-set tours which restrict your time on the bikes, and only take you to a select few destinations. In some places it’s necessary to do this (due to dangerous roads and trails), but most of the time it’s better and cheaper to find a place that will let you hire just the quad bike for a set number of days. Then you can take yourself around to see everything on your list, or if you’re on an island, simply take off in a direction and (quite literally) see where the road takes you. The air will be rushing past you, but your experiences and memories won’t be.

Spain – The South of Spain has some amazing scenic roads, and you’ll be well covered for pit stops too, with old medieval towns, museums, parks, and other amazing monuments along the way. Be sure to plan this one out a little more thoroughly to avoid actually getting lost in the culture, and shop around for different rental companies to get the best price on your bikes. Airfares to Spain are readily available on most international airlines.

Koh Samui, Thailand – With its beautiful beaches, Koh Samui is a popular holiday destination for many. Quad bike hire is easily available on the island, and is a great way to visit all the beaches and scenic destinations, especially if you’re backpacking through Thailand.

Algarve, Portugal – Although a popular touristy destination, there is plenty of beautiful scenery around the Algarve. Amazing untouched coastlines, natural cliff faces, golden beaches, castle towns, and stretching hillsides are best experiences from the roadside itself. Quad bike hire is available through local operators, but be sure to call around for the best price.

Greek Islands –Spend the day riding around the winding, mountainous roads that circle the beautiful islands. It’s a great way to get from beach to beach, instead of waiting for the overcrowded, slow tourist buses, and with the bright sunlight and fresh wind rushing around your face, there really is no better way to lose yourself in the scenery. As cheap as 30 Euros for an entire day, hiring quad bikes on the Greek Islands is easy and affordable, but you’ll need an International Driver’s License to avoid any complications. It’s easy to find airfares and ferry tickets between islands too, so you can explore as many islands as you please.

Hamilton Island, Australia – More than just beaches, reefs and tourists, Hamilton Island has some amazing bush land which is perfect for exploring on a quad bike. Tours run for a few hours, and are actually affordably priced. To get there, there are plenty of flights to Cairns, a town in Queensland where you can easily catch a short boat trip to any holiday island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Budgeting is one key thing for travel, make sure you keep an eye out for flights to Cairns .


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