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Saving Up to Get Away


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Gap years are enjoying increased popularity, but while many people dream to take a year off and travel the world, not everyone can afford to take such a massive trip.

However, the price of a round the world trip is often less than people expect. By saving up for air travel before you leave, so long as you don't want to live in luxury, you can make most of the money you need along the road by working odd jobs. In some countries it's possible to find fellow travellers who can share their knowledge and put you in touch with someone to stay with for a few nights.

Even with flights included, spending time in some places – such as countries in south east Asia, Africa or South America – is a lot cheaper that living at home. Accommodation, food and drink as well as travel are all less expensive, meaning it's easy for you to live on a budget.

You will need to save up ahead of time and there are many ways to do that in the months prior to your excursion. Start off by making a list of what you need to buy every month and what you like to buy. It's amazing how many things in the second column can easily be scored off.

If you are a reader, consider joining a library instead of buying the latest titles. Enjoy eating out? Start a cooking club with friends and take it in turns to be host. There are many possibilities to enjoy common pleasures in a much cheaper way and so allow for a little extra saving towards your trip.

Other easy things to cut out of your budget are habits and vices. A daily cup of coffee, a pack of cigarettes or regular nights out all soon add up and by cutting them out – or at least cutting back – you can soon see a difference in your monthly spending.

Cutting back on spending is one way of creating extra cash, but a lot of travellers also like to work overtime or get a second job to increase their original income. As well as earning more money, by spending extra time working it means you reduce your chances to actually go out and spend money. It maybe not be the most pleasant few months of your life but the reward of speeding up the time to your trip will definitely be worth it.

Once you've started to save a few hundred dollars you should look to see where you want to travel and what the best deals are. Some like to get flights to South America and work their way around that continent before jumping through North America and through to Asia, while others prefer to go through Europe to Asia and then on to Australia.

Regardless of the route, many like to get all their flights booked at once – and many tour operators allow for this – meaning you just have to decide your route and your length of stay in each location and you're ready to go.

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