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When Travel, Culture, and Sexual Orientation Clash


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Business entities are under obligation to provide top-quality customer service to their clients regardless of the client's *** orientation. Clients are customers and they should be treated with the utmost professionalism and respect. With this in mind, it is necessary to be realistic and know that not all businesses are able to separate their religious beliefs from their work environment. It is also not necessary if the entire country shares the same religious beliefs. However, individuals working in major holiday destination resort should be taught the difference between tolerance of differences and violating their religious beliefs.

Therefore, it is important for individuals, who are homosexuals and are about to visit certain holiday destinations that are not favourable towards homosexuals, to learn about a particular culture before they visit. Each individual regardless of their *** orientation should have the freedom to visit any destination in the world and doing so without experiencing any negative backlash. But it is important to show your respect to a country and its customs. It is not appropriate to go to a particular country and blatantly flaunt your *** orientation or push it into the faces of the locals. This would be a disrespect of their customs and their culture. For example, women should not wear shorts while in an Arab country. What would it say if we were to go to these countries and then go out in public wearing shorts? If individuals were to familiarize themselves with the customs and the culture of the country that they are about to visit and then adhere to the customs once they arrive in the country, it would show that you hold that countries customs and culture in high regard.

If your *** orientation may create any undue offense in a particular country that has strong religious views against homosexuality then please respect that countries culture, customs and religious beliefs. Do not blatantly flaunt your sexuality in the streets. No holding of hands, no kissing or any undue affections towards each other. If that goes against who you are and you are not comfortable adhering to those basic principles, then you have the right to visit a more tolerant country.

Freedom of choice is the right of any individual residing in a democratic society. With this in mind we can choose to go anywhere that we want and if a particular country does not want to accept a certain kind of lifestyle then we have the right and the freedom to take our business elsewhere. Why would any individual create a huge outcry over a country that is biased against homosexuals? For example, the Island of Jamaica has strong views against homosexuals and as a result they have the right to say what they will tolerate in their country.

As a Jamaican citizen I do understand the nature of the backlash against individuals who are deemed as carrying debauchery into our country. Our Jamaican Artiste's sings out against homosexuality and there is an outcry. Understandably so. Violence is not condoned on any level and I am completely against the Artiste's who sings about violence against homosexuals. The Jamaican Government is working on cleaning up the lyrics of these Artiste's so that if homosexuals do visit the country they do not feel threatened in anyway and the Police Force are being trained in how to handle violence against homosexuals. While our religious beliefs will not change, we are taking the necessary steps to implement training and development programs that teach individuals how to tolerate differences without having it compromise their religious beliefs.

In the meantime, if you can respect the countries values and you still want to visit, say for example, Jamaica, then as a Jamaican let me welcome you to our beautiful Island in the Sun.

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