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Luxury Travel Luxury Resorts For an Exclusive Travel Membership

Nic Faivre

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Have you taken your family, packed them into your family car and driven 7 hours to the beach or to a vacation paradise? If so, you would have noticed how expensive holiday accommodation can be. I'm not talking about luxury resorts here; I'm talking about cabins, tents, caravans . . . all becoming increasingly expensive.

If you have a large family - then hold on tight! Your wallet is about to be sucked dry. Envision a holiday where the average, or below average cost per night is $100 for accommodation. In a tent it's much lower, but these days you would be looking at about $40 - 50 a night . . . still expensive considering you are sleeping in a bag!

There has recently been released an exclusive travel membership. Now, when one hears the words luxury resorts, luxury travel or anything associated with travel memberships - the average person blocks out. Why? Well, many have become used to the luxury travel being out of their reach. Who can afford luxury travel in luxury resorts, right? Only the rich, right? WRONG!

The funny thing is that luxury travel and staying in luxury resorts have really come a far way since the days of timeshares. Actually, timeshares and luxury travel memberships are totally different.
Timeshares require you to pay over 10K to 15K to start up . . . then pay each year your membership dues, plus you have a limited amount of availability dates, plus . . .

Where as a luxury travel membership requires you to pay a one off fee of $3K for unlimited accommodation savings for life. No yearly payments, no blackout dates, and fantastic savings.

To give you an example. Luxury travel memberships choose only 3 to 5 star luxury resorts. Global Resorts Network has over 5000 luxury resorts all over the world for you to choose from. But back to our earlier problem - the cost.

Well, after your one off luxury travel membership fee - you will end up paying from $298 - $799max. for your luxury resort.

*This means 7 nights -
*You pay only per room and not per person. (Wow!)
*This ain't no tent! A True Luxury travel resort.

Of course you can go whenever you feel like it - no limits or saving up for coupons etc. If one calculated and average cheap cabin holiday ie. $100 for 7 nights it equals to $700.

Now imagine spending the same amount or LESS on 7 nights in a luxury resort.

I think many will see that as the price of fuel increases and the cost of food rises, holidays for the family will have to be well budgeted. What better way to save money and treat your family to a luxury vacation. The luxury travel membership at luxury travel resorts is the smart choice for the modern family.

Nic believes in the power of giving without want and his dedication to his business shows. Nicolas Faivre can be reached at
Isn't it time that you travel in luxury to the Resorts you deserve?


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