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Keeping Fit and Healthy at Your Hotel

Victor Epand

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When I go on holiday I tend to completely ignore my usual routine and instead of a nice healthy breakfast, I tend to pig out on everything going. This usually involves a plateful of fried breakfast that really should have been shared between at least three other adults.

However, when you are away on holiday the temptations are very real as far as over eating and under exercising are concerned, and if you are usually careful about what you eat, this can put you back quite considerable. What you don't want is for your holiday or trip away becoming a guilt trip instead.

So what can you do to make sure that you have an enjoyable trip away, but at the same time stay good to yourself? It starts with booking the hotel of course. There are a few questions that you can ask, such as the sorts of meals that are provided. Do they, for example, provide healthy options?

What about facilities for exercise? They may claim they have an exercise room, or even call it a gym. In many cases this turns out to be a small rather airless room, with some old running and weight equipment shoved in without any spare room, and with almost no ventilation. This is not especially conducive to spending time exercising. A good facility on the other hand, which is light, airy, spacious and with modern equipment can be a real selling point. Many people who exercise this way usually will be happy to be able to continue their routine. Having said that, sometimes variation and variety can do more good.

If the hotel has a swimming pool, this can provide a well needed change to your usual routine, and will be enjoyable and healthy, and possibly free. It is worth checking when you book whether such facilities are included in the price, or whether there are extra charges, and if so, what those are.

If the hotel itself doesn't have these facilities, then it is worth asking whether there are such facilities nearby. Once you are at the hotel, as long as you have done this preliminary research then as far as possible, try to bear in mind the healthier options that the hotel offers as far as food is concerned, and use any facilities that they may have.

If you are staying above the ground floor then why not use the stairs to get to your room rather than using the lift? Often a little change like this can make quite a difference.

The location of your hotel can also make a slight difference. If your hotel is literally a stone's throw from the beach where you are going to be sitting all day, this provides you with very little opportunity to get a little exercise or fresh air, so considering a hotel which is a little further back from the beach will give you two advantages. In the first instance it is likely to be much cheaper, and in the second, it will give you the opportunity to enjoy a walk from the hotel to the beach or whatever other location you intend to visit. This will give you a chance to see more of the local surroundings and also to stretch your legs and squeeze in another small opportunity for a little bit of exercise.

These are all simple little techniques that can help to make a big difference, especially where your conscience is concerned.

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The Power Of Preparation In Keeping You Healthy!
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