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Parenting -Safety Tips For Traveling With Your Children

Alyssa Johnson

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Parenting in today's world is scary at times. There are so many bad things that can happen to our children it's a wonder more parents aren't walking around in a constant state of anxiety. As it's summer time and vacations are in full swing before the kids go back to school, I wanted us to take a break and focus on keys steps to ensure no one gets lost.

1. Pay attention to the details - Before you get out of the car or leave your hotel room, take a minute and inventory what your children are wearing. If possible, encourage them to wear bright clothes. This will help you in a panic to be able to find them quicker. You'll know specifics instead of just a blond head.

2. Connect - If your kids are younger then hold hands or walk behind them with your hands on their shoulders. For those older kids who would be mortified to have mom or dad that close, utilize cell phones. Make sure they know your number or if they have their own phone, that you know theirs.

3. Just in case - As a family, identify a place to meet in case you get separated. Be specific about this; not just a vicinity but the exact tree, or bench they are to go to. Everyone must understand they are to stay there until the missing party is found. If everyone is wandering around you may never find each other. This special spot ensures finding one another quickly.

4. Scary but necessary - Make sure to talk to your kids about what to do in the case of someone attempting to abduct them. Don't just scare them - help them to be smart. A key point to cover is to not just scream. People don't pay attention to this. They assume it's a kid throwing a fit. Yelling “This is not my parent!" or “I don't know this person!" are much more effective. What do you do in this situation if a good Samaritan comes by to offer help? The abductor will attempt to play it off again as a bratty child. Tell your kids to challenge them with such questions as “When is my birthday?" or “What's the name of the school I go to?" An abductor will not be able to answer these and will likely flee.

5. Worst case scenario - None of us like to think about our children being taken. But, we need to be prepared. Most local police departments have free programs where they will fingerprint and/or take a picture of your children. This gives them vital information in being able to find your child quickly. Make sure to call the non-emergency number of your police department to ask about this program.

Now, with all of that said - be safe, but have fun on that trip your planning. Enjoy every moment you've been blessed to have with your children.

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