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Hotel Safety Tips To Follow When Traveling With Kids


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Whether you've booked your entire family into an all inclusive kid friendly resort or are just camping at a hotel, make sure you have all precautions for your children's safety outlined. Thus is not to make you paranoid but your hotel is also home to hundreds of strangers, guests, staff and service people who use the premises on a regular basis.

Never let your child play unsupervised in any part of the hotel. Whether in the garden, by the pool or just hanging out at the arcade, there must always be an adult supervising.

Make sure the locks in your room are working properly.

If the room has a balcony, make sure the door is locked. Lock all windows too.

Use duct tape to seal off the open switches. Kids can stick their fingers in these leading to disastrous consequences.

Teach your kids never to open the door, no matter who they think is on the other side without asking you first.

Follow the same rule yourself. If someone is at your door and he says he's hotel staff and you have no peephole in the door to verify if he's a staff member, make a call to the reception desk or housekeeping, and inquire if they have sent a staff member to your room. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Always book a hotel which has a babysitting service. If you want to go out as a couple, never do it when the kids are fast asleep.

Check if the bathroom is safe enough for kids to use. If there are cracked or slippery tiles, ask for another room.

Make sure the crib provided in the hotel room is safe.

Don't give out your room number to anyone, even other guests that you might have gotten friendly with. This might not seem dangerous when you're traveling solo or as a couple, but when you add kids to the equation, a certain amount of caution is best.

Never entertain new friends or guests in your hotel room. Keep all your entertaining to outside the room, once you have managed to lave your kids at the hotel babysitting service.

If you're a single woman using the hotel lift with a child and a stranger gets in, get off the lift and wait for your turn again.

You don't have to be neurotic about your child's safety and ruin his trip. But the above are must follows that will ensure a safe and happy trip.

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